The best Champions League finals

Certainly the majority of football fans remember Barcelona’s fight in the 1/8 of the Champions League final, when the team defeated PSG in a great style, finally obtaining a 6:1 score. True fans of this sport, who are closely watching every game of their favourite teams, undoubtedly associate a larger number of these types of games, which probably more than once made their hearts race due to the great emotions. Let’s recall the most breath-taking Champions League finals.

We were very much thrilled by the finale of Milan-Barcelona, ​​which we remember from 18.05.1994. It was the symbolic end of Barcelona with Hristo Stoichkov. The team badly needed a win from the Champions League. AC Milan, despite having several injured players, attacked sharply, as evidenced by goals scored in great style. Barcelona had to go overcome their bitterness, because the players did not score any goals during this match.

Certainly many football fans also remember the great event of 24/04/2013 during the semi-final of the Champions League. The great champions Borussia Dortmund played a match against Real Madrid. Borussia crushed Real, finishing the match with the score 4:1. Summing up the whole game, it’s impossible not to mention the game of Robert Lewandowski, who once again provided viewers with excitement at the highest level. Nobody had scored 4 goals in one semi-final match before! Thanks to that, he went down in the history of football for good, and the newspapers called it “Real’s nightmare” for a long time.

We were able to watch beautiful penalty kicks in the match that took place on May 25, 2005. It was the final and Liverpool and AC Milan were fighting for the title of the best team. “Dudek dance” was definitely unforgettable in the top eleven competition as well as many other exciting actions. Dudek’s defence of Shevchenko’s shot was also great, as were the minutes in the 118th minute. After 3: 3 equalizing, they made exciting penalty kicks.

Liverpool fans will not forget the great match of Chelsea – Liverpool, which took place on 14.04.2009, during the LM finals. Spectacular game, ending in a draw, but extremely memorable, mainly due to great opportunities and goals. The Londoners coach was soon enjoying a 3:1 result. The team had great chances of getting into the semi-final, but Liverpool surprised them by a quick counter-attack. There are indications that the match ended in this way due to Steven Gerrard’s injury.

7.04.2004 – this is the date that Deportivo La Coruna fans will remember for a long time. They played in the quarterfinals with AC Milan. An unexpected win (4: 0) put Milan on his knees! The match was described in the book by Andrea Pirlo, who admired the extraordinary speed of the Deportivo players. The players from Galicia have gained the result they need to advance in the first half of the match.


The final, which included Real Madrid and Atletico, was also wonderful. Real were looking for a goal opportunity for a long time, and when the defence weakened, they did not have mercy for their opponents.

The meeting was undoubtedly exhausting for the Atletico attacker, who in the 94th minute, after a clash with Alvaro Morata, could not continue the game. The coach then exhausted the change limit, and the player was only able to perform assists. However, they did not know the pity of Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo, who only kicked them while they were down. The match ended with a score of 4:1 for Real and became history as one of the most beautiful Champions League duels.

26.05.1999, final, Manchester United – Bayern Munich, 2:1 result

When Peter Schmeichel even moved into the Bayern field at the start of the added time of play, the UEFA officials were already holding a trophy in ribbons in Bayern colours. A few minutes later, the cup, “dressed up” in red ribbons, was erected by Sir Alex Ferguson and a Danish goalkeeper, for whom it was the last appearance in MU colours. Judge Pierluigi Collina tried to raise the broken Bayern players from the turf, the defender Sami Kuffour flooded with tears while banging his fists on the ground, but the most grieving was 38-year-old Lothar Matthaus, who was changed a dozen minutes earlier. He never won LM, although he appeared in the final twice. Twelve years earlier, also as a Munich player, he lost 1:2 with Porto. Both goals were scored by the Portuguese team at the end of the match…