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  1. Wolfsburg - Bremen 2:1 Bayern - Hamburg 3:1 Leverkusen - Mainz 2:0 Darmstadt - Augsburg 1:1 Freiburg - Dortmund 1:3 Leipzig - Köln 2:1 Hertha BSC - Frankfurt 1:1 Ingolstadt - Gladbach 0:2 Schalke - Hoffenheim 2:1
  2. Wow, they basically sack their messiah. What a terrible thing to do after everything he's done for them. It's not really surprising that the season was going to be difficult after all the hype of last season.
  3. Jesus christ, the Fiorentina - Gladbach match had everything. Blunders, stunning goals... what a great effort from Gladbach. They showed real spirit in the 2nd half. Stindl showing true leader qualities.
  4. Then come on home, son.
  5. This show gets better with every episode, and suddenly, there's only one episode left. I have been a Tom Hardy fan for a long time now, but in this series, he takes it to the next level. He's so intense and intimidating, I couldn't imagine another actor playing that role. It will be interesting to see how the finale plays out. Hopefully it won't disappoint, as I feel there's a lot of ground to cover for just one more episode.
  6. Leverkusen has no business playing Champions League. Round of 16 against Atletico, and they can't even sell out their stadium. That's what you get for being plastic.
  7. Damn, class goal by Falcao. Keep it up, Monaco
  8. Dragovic having an absolute nightmare tonight. I'm glad BVB didn't sign him. Ping-Pong own goal by Savic :D
  9. The new Renault looks like a Batmobile! The cars look great so far!
  10. Very gifted player who really needs to take the "next step", in my opinion. Tuchel can form him into a great player!
  11. Rooney Mara (<3), Michael Fassbender AND Ryan Gosling (<3) in a freaking Terrence Malick movie! Most people and critics will probably dislike it, but I just know that I'll enjoy every single second of it. Even a "bad" Malick movie is better to me than most other movies. Can't wait!
  12. The new Sauber. That car looks sexy as fuck.
  13. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-last-night-in-sweden-terror-attack-melbourne-florida-campaign-rally-a7588021.html FAKE NEWS!
  14. Bayern.... it's not dusel anymore, it's a fucking curse. Anyway, good performance from BVB today, but Wolfsburg were really terrible. Aubameyang couldn't score a goal if he was one meter infront of the empty net these days. Strange atmosphere without the Südtribüne. It felt like watching some charity match on Sport 1.
  15. Strange to see BVB without the yellow wall today.