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  1. Glad to hear that Did you do some sight seeing as well?
  2. Dortmund - Leverkusen 3:1 Mainz - Wolfsburg 2:2 Köln - Bayern 1:1 Bremen - Darmstadt 2:0 Hoffenheim - Ingolstadt 2:0 Gladbach - Schalke 2:1 Frankfurt - Freiburg 1:0 Hamburg - Hertha BSC 1:1
  3. Basically that he wants to apologize to his family, the staff, his teammates, the fans. He said he wants nothing to do with professional football for a while, and he asked the press to leave him and his family alone.
  4. Depends on what you're looking for. I'd say Köln. Calling Gladbach a city is a bit exaggerated But once you're in the area: DÜSSELDORF!
  5. Hinteregger you beautiful bastard! 2:2! Hopefully Augsburg can keep it up.
  6. Well, there must have been more to it than just partying and being involved in a fight.
  7. Stafylidis with an absolute thunderblast of a goal. 1:0! Hell yeah!
  8. Holy moly, Bochum vs. Düsseldorf was intense as hell. Fortuna with a win again after 8 unsuccessful matches.
  9. Have you seen "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"? Easily Casey Affleck's best role so far.
  10. What a way to throw away your career. He was their starting right back, and would have gone straight back to the Bundesliga after this season. I wonder if any club will take him now. Dude has a little daughter and still does stupid stuff like that.