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  1. Looks like the final nail is in the proverbial coffin then. Just wanted to say thank's for the good laughs and good discussions this place has provided over the years. Been some memorable ones. "Just a forum" maybe but got to know some cracking people because of this place. In the words of Derek Trotter, "Bonjour" TFF.
  2. Welcome back CFC-Loyal. May have called you CFC-Mongaloyal or something like that at some point in the past.
  3. Derby were fucking awful on Saturday, created 3 good chances all in the last 20 minutes, until then never had a sniff. We need to start taking our chances, problem is Mitrovic is a fucking donkey and Gayle aside I have no faith in anyone scoring goals for us. Nicr to get one of that burns victim looking cunt McClaren though, absolutely awful appointment by us. Deluded baldy prick. Going to be an interested 5 weeks or so, absolutely crucial really as we play most of the sides around us. I can see Brighton winning the league despite their mini run of bad form. They have a lot more fight than us and a never say die attitude that we lack big time sadly.
  4. Happy Wednesday you bunch of raving spastics.
  5. QPR were fucking awful, in fact QPR are absolutely fucking awful. Good win win for us yesterday, people expect us to turn up and win 0-4 but that was probably Burton's biggest ever league game, they had no pressure on them and raised their game. Full credit to Rafa and the team for grinding out the win. Good win for Brighton too. They really are a good side in very good form. I would tip them to win the league personally but we will see. Shite how our game at The Amex is going to be mid week if either of us progress to the next round of the FA Cup.
  6. Going to Vegas in May, can't wait.
  7. Been a weird few weeks for me. Had a run in with some staff at a site that I was covering the other week so told me manager about it - not to grass as I don't mention names but just so that I didn't get sent there. Two weeks later they stitched me up big time and sent me there and lied through their back teeth to me. So I put a rant on Facebook calling them "daft cunts" and "clowns", I calmed down half an hour later and deleted it but still got asked about it by the manager. This will be three weeks ago on Thursday. It done me a favour as it made me look for a new job immediately. I applied for a couple - the one I wanted most being at a contact centre for a bank. I had a phone interview for it a few days later and then last Monday had an interview which was quite intense, I was expecting Claude Littner to walk out it went on that long and I got scrutinised quite a bit! Anyways I got the job, I am over the bastard moon. On quite a good salary considering - around £4K a year more than I am now and work 4-8 hours a week less. Also don't have any targets or anything like that which is great. Pay review after 6 months with the potential to go up another £4K. Happy fucking days. Obviously somewhere I can progress too as there are plenty of other positions above where I will start and every job above where I am now is internal. Put my notice in today and quit my second job too. Roll on 9th january when I start.
  8. Hopefully Henri Lansbury is involved in a fatal house fire on cristmas day due to an electric fault regarding his Christmas lights. The fucking shit cunt.
  9. Typical away performance from us, played some nice stuff before our first and half time arrived just as we needed it. Delighted with the three points, thought we would lose today but the run continues. Typical away performance from us, played some nice stuff before our first and half time arrived just as we needed it. Delighted with the three points, thought we would lose today but the run continues.
  10. I wonder if there is a court case to try to stop this happening...
  11. Not exactly unpopular these days but "the bestest league in the world" is fucking awful. "Super Duper Sunday" today featured three absolutely awful sides that wouldn't look out of place in the second tier. And "Red Monday" tomorrow is going to make anyone with any sense want to rip their hair out at the cringyness and wank fest over everything from the "famous" Kip atmosphere to "Ibra". Fuck off.
  12. Had a break from going to raves since I got back from Ibiza to give my body a break and because it was all I had done for the months leading up to what is essentially a 7 day rave over there. So just been going around bars in town and all that, ending up in shit night club a playing shit music. Anyways yesterday I went out about 11am and had a few drinks before the match, by about 8pm I was fucked. Ended up in some little shit cocktail bar at about 11, looked over and seen some lads surrounding my mate and one of them throwing punches so I went over and launched the lad, his mate then punched me so I punched him back before one of the others, who is clearly a boxer or something, blind sided me and threw about 6 punches at me, all decent punches to fair. I ended up a right mess haha, nose absolutely fucked, bit through my lip, cuts all over the shop. Moral of the story - stick to raves where everyone is there for a good time, ecstasy for example is illegal but alcohol is the devil.
  13. Happy with that, we were excellent for the first half hour or so and then just controlled the game after that. Brentford haven't conceded many so far so I was happy we managed to score 3, it could have been more had we pushed on but a win is a win and that's all that matters. First time we have looked alright at home this season in terms of being comfortable. Should get better as the season goes on as players such as Lazaar and Yedelin start to get more game time and our other players gel better.
  14. It's unreal that these two total fucking idiots are in the running to be the next president. I would vote Trump for the shits and giggles really, if he wins I will be putting a sicky in at work and refreshing Twitter all day enjoying the sheer anger.
  15. Sick and tired of all the single slag mothers on Facebook spending their full day whinging their fucking lazy tits off about this. Our paper is calling them killer clowns, killer fucking clowns. They haven't killed anyone although there's a few boring cunts on my Facebook that I wouldn't mind them changing that for.