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  1. We were the better team during the entire game, Swansea scored from a set piece and didn't look good at all. Pedro saved us as we were really shaky in the second half. Our best winger form some time now
  2. God dammit fucking jew bastards On the serious note the team is a disaster for awhile now. I still think he could save them but the owners are not ready for a gamble to drop to the hell fire that is the Championship.
  3. Incredible fact is that a club that is so big and has the best training grounds facilities etc, struggles this much in that department. I just can't accept that they are all injury prone.
  4. Wasn't he at some point out for the season last season too?
  5. Well curly if it continues this way it will be just that. I don't want it but it has been in decline for some time now.
  6. I would also be up for it Rab
  7. IF Rovers would go down, would the Venkys be interested in selling?
  8. Is Chazz still the owner? I stopped posting on a regular basis for some time now. I occasionally just read the little content that is posted each day. How much posts does the forum average per day? You can go for hours with nothing being posted. If this keeps up i can see him having nothing to sell. This forum was once such a good place to be and filled with top people, it always had their tools too but nothing in life is perfect. Harv you cheap cunt buy the place and make me Global Admin
  9. I see HB back with best in the world stuff, took him long enough
  10. United at the Bridge i guess we could do better. Jose will cut his dick off if he losses again to Chelsea. In the past 15 years we lost twice to United at the Bridge and once it was with 9 men, however a replay wouldn't do us or United any good.
  11. Felt he was one of the best yesterday, he beats his man but his crosses were mostly blocked and going for a corner. He is a good team player rarely takes a shot and usually tries to assist, and as said he is having a good season. He is strong fast and the wing back is probably the ideal position for him, doubt we will be able to improve very much on his position. Saying this he needs back up, he can't play the entire next season with the league, two cups and Europe. It will be a different story and Conte won't be able to play the same starting 11 for 10 games in a row with mid week games. I have zero clue who could possibly replace him or be added as competition.
  12. Wasn't that against Sporting Lisbon at the Bridge?
  13. Yeah i think it was made for multiplayer with some smaller less interesting stuff based on a campaign.
  14. Any of you guys played "For Honor"? Looks really cool and just as soon as i started crying for my ps4 that i sold i realized its available on PC as well.
  15. I can't see him getting 50k anywhere, i also think Tammy will get a chance before him as he will obviously leave.