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  1. Inspired from the Palace fans spraying 'crystal palace' on the supposed Middlesborough team coach only to find out it was a coach given to them by Palace for the match. Can anybody else think of any other random acts of vandalism? Or is just our new generation of teenage fans that are such an embarrassment?
  2. They're saying that fans are concerned that Becchetti won't turn up to contest the winding up order. Is there any truth in this? It seems bizarre to me that's somebody who wants four million for the club would just chuck the keys down and walk away.
  3. Nobody said Hodgson had been appointed?
  4. Talksport, who have been very pro-Bellew in the last week or so, had Jim White interviewing David Haye earlier today. From the onset of the questions they asked Haye in comparison to Bellew you could see that they wanted to rattle David Haye and they Managed to do that. Talking about inflicting serious damage, punching through his head, and some crap about trying to break people's spines when he used to play rugby. I felt a bit sorry for the guy. He didn't want or need this fight. It was Bellew that called him out and has been provoking him for God knows how long and now he's being made out to be the 'heel'. Personally i'll be surprised if this fight makes it beyond five rounds. I think Bellew's bitten more than he can chew.
  5. When we first loaned Patrick Bamford I was pretty excited and could see the purpose in it. We had a forward who looked like could have added another dimension to our attacking play based on how he played in The Football League. However there was a reason he played so little and hasn't settled anywhere else. He's far too lightweight. He had opportunities in The Carling Cup where he flattered to decieve and when he came on either when we were chasing a result or looked comfortable he would get the ball, run it to the corner flag if he hadn't been pushed off the ball, and then win us a corner or a throw on. When he terminated his loan spell i thought "thank God for that" as I was hopeing he would go back to Middlesborough or Derby County and bulk up a little but it was clear he was never going to be good enough for a team who were, at the time, having aspirations of a top seven finish. Instead he went to Norwich City and on his return took a shot which he sliced and went to his favourite place at Selhurst Park which was the corner flag. Why he has never dropped down a division back to Derby County so he could discover his confidence and focus on certain aspects like Tom Ince has done I will never know. Then again he's rumoured to be on £40,000 p/w which is madness for a player who is no where near the finished article. But back to my original point, I don't think you'll get assurances of guaranteed first team football for any young player from anybody in The Premiership because of how ruthless the relegation scrap can be.
  6. Given the way they played against Liverpool I feel we would have no chance finishing above them at the moment. However, with Hodgson in charge I'd feel more optimistic. Do the right thing Leicester.
  7. Given this division is worth around £150,000,000 for staying up good luck getting those assurances if those players play like Bamford did when he got opportunities.
  8. Even if you don't win the league RD suely conquering Bayern means this is still a succesful season? Bilbao should be good Cannabis, they took over Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid on my '16 save.
  9. The loading times and auto text predictor on mobile phones have put me off visiting this place as frequently as I used to. It must look amateur and be off putting to new members. A place that has been around and has been as successful as this one shouldn't have such problems.
  10. As it happened FOUR times I'd like to know why they felt the need to continually do it. Something big not results related must have happened.
  11. It's often about timing. If he leaves Lincoln at the right time for the club he could be in Management for a long time. If it then he will probably be forgotten about in three months time.
  12. Steve Mandanda and Yohan Cabaye I imagine will be looking at what's happening at Marseille and think they can get as much money and have a more enjoyable time there. We've also signed the Olympiakos Captain who I imagine may not want to stick around. Whilst he's not our player to sell Sakho's probably got one eye on Marseille too. Then there's Christian Benteke who has reportedly been offered four times his already over inflated salary to go China. He's not alone but he played a big part. Jamie Vardy wouldn't have as many skittles to dilute his vodka and Danny Simpson wouldn't be able to have as many holidays to Dubai to get away from his Daughter if it wasn't for Claudio.
  13. I know he's considered a bit of a joke in the media but I do agree with a lot of what he's said. The lack of opportunities Reece Oxford has recieved is odd, Tammy Abraham could have done as much for Chelsea as Michi Batshuyai has done and the situation with Lewis Baker being our best player for his age group and not playing a first team game is weird. I touched upon what he said about going abroad after The Euros too. It's no coincidence that Eric Dier was our best player at The Euros and I hope more young players follow the lead of Mandela Egbo and Oliver Burke. What he hasn't touched upon and this is directly related to Chelsea is these young players don't help themselves. Izzy Brown would be in West Brom's first team now if he didn't leave them for Chelsea at a young age, Chris Kiwomya is another one who would be a key player at Sheffield United now if he didn't jump to Chelsea too, and Dominic Solanke has made himself untouchable due to his wage demands. It's something i'd like to see this country try and address but with the £££ increasing every year I can't see it happening.
  14. For clarification I am not disagreeing with what the owners have done. It shows the sorry state footballl is in at the moment but many people would have done the same in there position where there's at least £150,000,000 riding on survival. I find it cuntish what the players have done. They've not performed and they've shown a complete lack of respect to somebody they owe a lot to.
  15. If the worst was to happen and Leicester City were to get relegated I really do think you're in the same boat as us in the sense that you'd do well to make the playoffs just based on the amount of changes that would occur during the summer. All the players with reputations across Europe will go, the players with proven quality will look to move, and the club will be left with the players whose confidence has been shot to pieces. Neither of us would drop down with the optimism Newcastle fans and players had. We would both be more like Villa.