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  1. Which one would you go for?
  2. The Kentucky Kid as he is known among racing fans " Nicky Hayden" got involved in an accident with a car on his bicycle. The impact was severe as he smashed on to the windscreen of the car. Current reports say he is still in Critical Condition. Would request everyone to take a moment and pray for his speedy recovery. Here is also the source of the news from BBC: Nicky Hayden Ex-Motogp champion in Hospital after cycling accident in Italy
  3. He was indeed a Hero.
  4. I played the 17 a week ago at a friends place, was the first time with it and i think it has a difficult more realistic game play.
  5. Cant say about top 5 right now but 13 reasons why is the current favorite.
  6. Everyone has a softer side and there are songs that relate to your love life at some point in time. How about sharing your favorite romantic or love song you would listen to again and again. My personal favorite is No Promises by Shayne Ward.
  7. Sharapova is back i read somewhere today?
  8. I just hate this man
  9. What a game by Arsenal this Sunday 2-0 to Man United.
  10. Fast 8
  11. Shape of your Ed-Sheeran
  12. Was that Ronda Rousey in Fast 7? I watched the movie again sometime back with a cousin and i was surprised to see her. Did not recognize when watched the first time.
  13. One of the fastest growing religion, but i feel with the escalating islamophobia in most of the regions it does seem like one.
  14. I Want to take a holiday, but God knows when is it going to be.