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  1. And Terry deciding to leave is a big heart break.
  2. Conte is proving to be Premier league winner now.
  3. Fifa 17 was all on the weekend. Really enjoyed after a very long time.
  4. Real Madrid Kits have always been beautiful in my opinion. And this is quite extravagant
  5. I have recently joined this forum, and skimming through the off-topic thread specifically, can say people would have surely had a great time and happy to be part of the community.
  6. So how many did you watch the Australian GP yesterday, Vettel was great.
  7. Bought the Ride 2 finally on PS.
  8. I like the Renault, striking colors.
  9. Agree with you, media does not blink an eye before portraying it as a terrorist attack.
  10. The Ducati this season is looking wicked along with the two deadly riders, although Lorenzo is not on my favorite list but this guy is tough.
  11. No discussion on the upcoming season 2017.