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  1. What a game!, enjoyed that. Premier League looking a lot better this season.
  2. Can we have bigger avatars?, I can't see Messi's hair now..
  3. Another solid win, 4th in the table. Poor start but this season is looking a lot brighter.
  4. If EA can still use the Barcelona shirt and their logo, which I believe is the case.. then this isn't that big of a deal. Just the 'use' of the club in materials and of course the stadium itself. I don't personally play that much attention to the details of a stadium when playing Fifa. Mainly due to their focus on the premier league + United have had all the headlines in the run up to this release.
  5. It's just the stadium though, 'which can be replicated to look similar enough' they can still use the shirts, so not that big of a deal. The Manchester United rights are a bigger capture for EA.
  6. Sounds as if Cesc changed the game for Chelsea here.
  7. Well well well, never actually knew they were founded in the mere 70's. More or less the same age as Barrack Obama..
  8. Watching Ched Evans singlehandedly promote Chesterfield will be far worse than what I'll see at Bramall Lane this season. What we would have gained from him being back would FAR outweigh the revenue lost from sponsors dropping out. We're the biggest club in league one, highest wage bill and the favourites for promotion each year. Laughable really, the current squad is a rotting corpse and new boss' signings haven't exactly looked great either. There are zero football people at this club, the ownership situation is an absolute mess, Wednesday were once in this position, we need our own Chansiri more than ever.
  9. So looking at that lineup, all Chelsea have done is add Kante to last seasons team that finished 10th.
  10. Forestieri would be mad to leave Wednesday.
  11. Looking like they'll spunk the rest on Bolasie though.
  12. Looked a tight game between Villa & Wednesday, Forestieri showing his quality at the end though.
  13. Scored on his debut for Chesterfield today... Meanwhile we lost 1-0 to Bolton, wish we had re-signed him tbf.