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  1. It seems we have certificated this week our no-relegation. Let's see next season, but If we manage to keep Soler, Parejo & Enzo with us, things are gonna be better.
  2. What a disaster! Incapable of winning even to Granada playing in Mestalla. Bad expectations for this season
  3. OMG, totally unexpected!! What a surprise. Pako Ayestaran will be the coach till the end of the season. Contacts with Pellegrini for the next one
  4. When there's no sporting criteria...
  5. Mendes is rumoured to be looking for an accommodation for André Gomes this summer. Please, find another one for Rodrigo Moreno and Negredo. Thanks
  6. Best anti-smoking campaign ever.
  7. Neville will not be sacked until the end of the season. This is the most likely scenario. Press is reporting that Jemez (Rayo Vallecano) and Pellegrini (Man. City) are well-positioned to replace the coach with the worst numbers in our history, but in summer. Neville, we want you as far as possible
  8. And can you blame Valencia for not having more option rather than selling him freely to Benfica? And we can talk about who presented this player to Europe, because he was playing in a very minor ligue (Brazil) with 26 years. He has a lot to thank to Valencia, and he didn't favoured club's interest with his decision
  9. Ask Emery for that. It's not my business the obsessions that Emery had with some specific players like Aduriz or Isco. Let me add that Aduriz received an applause last weekend in Mestalla Pizzi didn't want him. So accuse Pizzi and not Valencia for that What I'm trying to say is that once player and club decided to 'dissacociate', the player was who betray the club rejecting important offers and forcing the club to sell him freely to Benfica. So it was not our fault. It was first Pizzi's fault, then Jonas' selfishness
  10. Yeah, against teams like Tondela, Académica, Moreirense, Boavista. Clubs that may have the same level as 3rd category teams in Spain ("Segunda B") And for me it's a good striker, but the reasons behind his departure were not about his quality, but about their commitment. Please read about what happened this summer, we received offers of 10 million from China. The player was the one who forced the team to gift him
  11. Ups and downs. Valencia in essence. Really willing the arrival of summer, we don't deserve the players we have and this needs to be fixed. Obviously I think we don't have almost any possibility of winning the EL
  12. A fought victory against Granada. Happy :D
  13. He did another fantastic game against Granada in Copa del Rey, but then... We have very young players, in growth, so it's normal to see them being irregular. The mistake was not the signings individually seen (well, forget about the prices paid xD), but the fact that we brought very similar profiles, so with so many young players the global performance it is supposed to be irregular
  14. We will be very pleased to receive money for this :D
  15. I understand the reasons why Real Madrid is not allowing the RFEF to host the final in Santiago Bernabeu. Barça would do the same... and you know it Proof: Final of 2004, played in Lluis Companys (stadium of Espanyol)