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  1. Due to my parents being fans of two different teams in the same league, I've been supporting both (Spurs and Man Utd) all my life.
  2. Hi all, Been ages since I last posted on here! Has anyone else been in a situation where they support 2 teams in the same league? I know many people say you can only have 1 team but for me that wasn't possible. My Dad grew up in Manchester where he was supporting United and my mum's from London and supports Spurs. Growing up I've always been encouraged to support both teams, I've been a member of both clubs, attended both clubs matches and have merchandise from both sides. I never felt more strongly for one over the other. Admittedly visiting Spurs has always been easier due to living in London but I've never known anyone else to be in this situation?
  3. Absolutely agree...However if you have watched Gladbach this season, they have been pure awful and every time you saw Lucien Favre, he looked so depressed...Maybe he didn't want to go on...Not sure this was just about results
  4. Considering the amount of times he gets injured it's a valid question...
  5. The living wage is the one good thing Osborne has implemented...But again it's not been thought out that well considering employers are either going to lay off staff or raise prices to negate the impact of this....Yes of course it's fantastic that people taking advantage of the benefits system are going to be dealt with...If honest which ever party that won the 2010 election would have had to make many of these cuts...My main gripe is he's screwing people who are naturally inclined to vote Tory i.e. screwing private landlords...
  6. Will be interesting to see how he does...Labour cannot ever be the Tories, however moving too far to the left is dangerous. It basically makes the party unelectable and provides us with a Tory Party run by an idiotic George Osborne who a) wants to screw his party's own supporters and b) wants to screw low income family's so you end up with c) screwing the country thanks to no credible opposition.
  7. How come there were more BVB fans at the game than local ones?
  8. Mourinho needs to stay! The longer he can fuck Chelsea up the better! ;)
  9. United-Liverpool today!!!! :D :D :D

  10. Thinking it will be 1-0 either way or a 1-1 draw
  11. BVB and Bremen, then not sure I really care about any one else :lol:
  12. You make decent points...However Blackett, McNair et al need to develop, it doesn't help buying players like Marcos Rojo only to fall out with them in the end...Van Gaal has a negative effect on the club...Ferguson's success was built on his development of the youth system...Moyes needed time and Van Gaal has not been an improvement despite the money we have spent....In effect there was no point in wasting the money...
  13. That is only a small part of the issue....230million has been spent and Van Gaal has not delivered anything different...He has killed the youth system at the club and this was the very foundation our success was built on...The ethos of the club has been lost..Players do not want to play for him...It is not just Woodward screwing things up....Manchester United ideally needs a British manager who understands what our club is about...Not going to happen...We'll probably get some effeminate Portuguese or Spanish idiot instead who'll insist the players start crowding the ref in order to get opponents sent off, make racist remarks and re-enact scenes out of Quentin Tarantino movies on a football pitch....
  14. In England that is not how it works...Van Gaal as the manager of the club has to be involved, Woodward is only tasked with negotiating the fees, the target list is made up by the football part of the club...