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  1. It’s a real bummer that took a spectacular nose-dive with their site re-design. I mean, yeah, Spotify can recommend songs, but I miss the social interaction that offered alongside the ‘If you liked…then try this’ feature.
  2. Played on the Switch at a mate’s house the other week. Being a Japan fan-boy super-geek, he was always going to be biased in his opinion of it, and predictably, he loves everything about it. Myself: it was cool to play some retro games like Bomberman. You can’t kill classics like that. Small controllers… meh. We also played a simple puzzle/party game called Snipperclips, which was hilarious! I haven’t laughed that much at a 4player party game in a long time. That’s what Nintendo do really well. If I want epic, sprawling games then I’ll play on the PS4. If I want to chill and have fun with my niece and nephew, I’d play the Switch.
  3. It’s exciting as a fan to see your team sign a ton of great players, but it rarely works out for the best in the short term. Best solution is to make two or three signings rather than doing a Spurs (buying half a team to replace Bale) or what LFC did last summer (buying half a team to replace Suarez). Unfortunately, LFC need more than three signings! I think Lambert and Borini are gonners. Borini was almost sold last summer but for high wage demands, and Lambert almost joined Villa in January. Jose Enrique can’t get anywhere near the first team and Johnson will leave on a free, and I think Liverpool need a better GK option than Brad Jones to keep Mig on his toes. Of course, Gerrard is leaving, too. However, I don’t see why Allen will leave. It was painful to watch Liverpool try (and let’s face it, make an absolute pig’s ear out of it) to make the step up to playing Champions League midweek to Premier League at the weekend this season, after a few years without doing so. You need real squad depth to deal with the European competitions, and it’s looking more likely that it will be the Europa League for LFC next year, so Allen will be needed to keep a) fresh legs and b) competition for places. He may not score goals – that’s not his role in the team – but I am in no way jumping on the ‘he’s gonna be the Welsh Xavi’ boat; he’s all right as a squad player for now. I don’t believe he is as bad as many LFC fans accuse him of being. I’d also keep Lucas. Yes, his passing can be dodgy, but he’s the only natural anchor man LFC have in the squad. I also don’t think Lovren will leave – not so soon after his hefty fee. If Rodgers sticks with three at the back, then at some point he will want to move Emre Can into midfield, especially with Gerrard leaving. Skrtel and Sakho are his first two choices for CB, so Lovren will be competing against Kolo, who isn’t getting any younger. But let’s not forget Ilori, Wisdom and Coates, all of whom are all out on loan at the moment; I think Ilori will be given a chance, but Rodgers doesn’t seem to rate Coates, so I reckon he’ll leave. I don’t rate Wisdom as a wing-back, but he might get some cup competition time in the back three, which is his natural position. However, he’s had little to no game time at all under Pulis at WBA, so maybe he isn’t cut out for PL footie yet… It’s easy to forget Iago Aspas and Luis Alberto, both out on loan. Ironically, Aspas would have had plenty of game time had he stayed at Liverpool this year, what with Sturridge’s injury! Maybe he could benefit from the new formation? However, I think he’ll leave, what with Origi set to join. I liked what little I saw of Luis Alberto, but he barely got any game time last season. My guess is he’ll probably leave too, but I’d like him to stay and be part of our Europa League squad. OUT: Gerrard (LA Galaxy, free) Johnson (Roma? Free?) Brad Jones Lambert Borini Aspas Coates Jose Enrique PROMOTE/BRING BACK FROM LOAN (for cups and Europa League experience): Sinclair Rossiter Brad Smith (what happened to him? He could be good back up to Moreno at LWB) Luis Alberto Ilori LOAN OUT: Wisdom (to a PL team where he will play at CB, not RB) IN: Divock Origi. But maybe another striker, too? If only we’d signed Harry Kane in January! GK – Ochoa? After his world cup performances last summer, I’m amazed he didn’t end up at a bigger club. Jack Butlund? Wing backs – Sterling/Markovic are wasted at RWB. Their talents are put to better use further forward. Manquillo is more of a RB rather than a WB. (I doubt his two-year loan deal will be made permanent.) Ibe looks more comfortable here, but I’d like to see him further forward. Maybe Ricardo Rodriguez at Wolfsburg? It’d be interesting to see how Flanagan does in this role (how has he been injured all season??!). AMC – Someone to take the weight off Coutinho. Memphis Depay? Max Meyer? There was that speculation of Rodgers going to Rome about a month ago, was that for Miralem Pjanic as a deep lying playmaker? I don’t want to say ‘Gerrard replacement’ because there isn’t one! But we’re never going get one unless we start giving more local lads chances (the likes of Rossiter…).
  4. Given Greg Dyke’s recent proposal towards homegrown players, Sterling is suddenly worth tons more to Liverpool, since he was signed from QPR as a 15 year old… £100mil, though? I reckon (once his contract is sorted) he’ll be worth £60mil, tops.
  5. Loving Tom Vek at the moment, and Modest Mouse’s new album…