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  1. Impact need a win in new York, tough start for them
  2. Montreal has a crucial back to back against Ottawa this weekend, I think they will split
  3. Capitals struggling ever since the big deadline signing.....4 regulation losses in a row and Pens ate into an 8 point out for Pittsburgh
  4. I think Green Bay and KC in the Super Bowl Too bad Raiders are down to their 3rd string QB
  5. Oilers are 7-1 what's going on. How good is McDavid though wow
  6. Surprised the Tribe are up 2-1 and tonight they have Kluber going.....
  7. hey

    Welcome bro
  8. The camera on my phone suxs, so a new cell phone may be my next purchase very soon
  9. Love love love it
  10. I was kidding
  11. Let me rephrase that, everybody living in the United States of America
  12. Just bought an old school record vinyl player...Booya
  13. How bad is Notre Dame this year
  14. We disabled that feature for all Americans until you get your shit together