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  1. RIP TFF. Chazz, buddy, we had good conversations in the day. I wish you all the best.
  2. Well this was a long hiatus for me
  3. I have to testify as a witness from a bar fight during the month of June, never thought anything would come of it but I was wrong!
  4. My weekend plan is to mull over the subpoena that I was handed by the court...
  5. The seachickens always lose to the Rams, they'll bounce back.
  6. Can I transfer out to some Spanish league team in this game mode?
  7. I had to sit through those with my ex girlfriend. It was awful :lol:
  8. looks like you'll need to pull the twilight novels out
  9. To understand where the Browns were standing when the 2004 draft starts, you have to understand how the Browns were from 1999-2004, what brought them to this point. Firstly the Browns had been fucked right from the get-go; many believe that the Browns were made an example of coming back into the league to quell the "expansion" insanity after the Panthers and Jaguars had almost immediate success off their opening seasons. They had less time to get things together and had their ownership led by Al Lerner, who, mind you, HELPED THE BROWNS LEAVE TOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE. They spent a high draft pick on Tim Couch, but forgot that, you know, you have to kind of hit on more than just a QB; you need to protect him, give him weapons, and build up the defense, and through consistently poor drafting, the Browns had sunk Couch even before they made the playoffs in 2002. But it was what happened in 2003 that killed everything; Kelly Holcomb had stepped in during the Browns' playoff game with Pittsburgh in the seasons prior, so the Butch Davis era opted to start a QB competition between him and Couch. Please, imagine if in 2013 while Aaron Rodgers was hurt, if Matt Flynn had one solid game, and when Rodgers was healed and good to go, the Packers turned around and told Aaron Fucking Rodgers "NOPE, YOU GOTTA EARN YOUR SPOT BACK." That was this. Couch went mental. Holcomb sucked. The team sucked. Butch Davis was on the outs even as 2004 began, but the Browns were now becoming insanely desperate to find some stability at QB, having given up entirely on Tim Couch by this point. So what did they do? The first event of many which set off the chain which leads us all the way to 2015; They sign Jeff Garcia.
  10. Unfortunate that Camp Nou won't be included in the game, but it won't keep me from buying, hopefully the stadium for Barça's place is strikingly similar. I know it'll hurt for some FIFA fans, but I know there's plenty out there who have proper stadia as a secondary thing (so not a hgue priority).
  11. Or girls who are the "woe is me" type always venting about their break up on Facebook. "I don't need him, boys are stupid!" (For the 5 millionth time)
  12. Kloppische- I walked the dog this morning :lol: I went to the gym too! (Picture of post workout meal)
  13. can't ignore the performance of Andy Janovich, got to love bruisers at Fullback.