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  1. The Newcastle Brighton game was poor I thought it really lacked quality. Both will struggle in the PL as they are. Another 3 pts for Villa, to late for the playoffs now I think we'll get settled as a side now and hopefully challenge next year.
  2. Good result for us today, we've needed that.
  3. Khabib v Ferguson? Personally I think Khabib will take it
  4. Only me in this topic. Well as things stand England are starting to look the bollocks again. Weve played poorly so far but ground out wins in tough games, the Grand slam is again on and it's fairly difficult to see an England defeat now unless it's against the All Blacks. We surely now must be 2nd favourite for 2019 if this keeps up.
  5. Mines day 3 at edgbaston
  6. Digital traffic is up, actual print readership is down that's consistent with most printed media however. Anyway CNN Leaks are out the only bit I've seen so far is them using an outdated poll to support their agenda rather than a current one which didn't but the vast majority of the leaks are 2009-2010. Twitter and Facebook are suppressing again but cnnleaks.com has crashed due to heavy volume of traffic.
  7. in fairness they've been worked out and he has no plan B. They've massively took their foot of the gas and his remit is to motivate and get results, he's not done that. Of course players deserve blame to but it is his job to ensure they give it their all. He'll always be fondly remembered but right call
  8. Glad Cooks gone, I'd just lost interest in the team because I didn't care about him. To celebrate I've booked up to go to the w Indies test match in August
  9. The Times & post have completely lost their shit over Trump and are damaging their once good reputation. The Washington post is funny, it's accusations of Trump carrying water for the Russians is funny, check out Tucker Carlson dismantle one of their reporters over their pro Russian propaganda they print. The NY times has been openly anti Trump for some time to. Does Trump need factchecking? Absolutely but so do the msm because they're just as bad if not worse, I personally find them worse.
  10. 1) The Wire - tv viewing cannabis that sucked you in and made you want to sample more. It's truly the gateway drug to slow burning tv and I genuinely believe it spawned the golden age of TV. No cop show has come close since and I doubt ever will, if you were a producer of csi or NyPD blue your reaction would have been "aweee shiiiittttt" 2) Game of Thrones - sheer scope is unreal in a to show, the characters, the action, the plot twists, the scheming, the epic moments it's worth the hype it's fucking awesome. 3) Sopranos - Chrisie & Paulie + a Russian in the woods in winter = tv gold. Still love the scene where Ralphies wig came off. 4) Breaking Bad - builds to a crescendo of epicness, hank's final scene or Gus with the box cutter are my favourites. By fuck Walter Mike Ermantrout is the one that knocks! 5) Oz - Dated now but still can't ever forget Beecher losing it for the first time. O'Reilly scheming, Adabesse going on savage. Like the Wire with cop shows, you can't help but compare prison drama against it.
  11. Indeed Trump is an industrialist and as a result he's going to shit on people like the native Americans with pipelines. In that sense he's straight out the mould of the first industrial giants who tamed America, in some respects they were cunts when we hold them up to today's standards, visionary in their times though. I don't get why people say he's shocking, he's not pc and he's not been drilled by a pr guru before as most others have. We've been conditioned to expect perfection from our politicians and if they make one mistake they are effectively yesterday's news. That's neither practical or reality when dealing with people, People aren't perfect I appreciate a bit of realism. Aside from the fact he repeats himself I have no great issues. Finally the BBC aren't fake news but their very selective in what stories they push as long as it suits their narratives. They've pursued a negative Trump narrative since day 1, often overemphasising bad and down playing good. On points of views apparently they've had loads of complaints about their biased depiction. However as a rule at this point CNN, Huffington Post, The Washington Post & the NY Times need to be fact checked elsewhere before using as gospel because they've blatantly stopped caring about journalistic integrity.
  12. story of the last 6 years now Hogan and Kodjia injured we're in a relegation fight again. I didn't see it but badly injured Hogan didn't have one Villa player go and see if he's alright which tells it all really no team ethic at all. Somewhere something is seriously wrong behind the scenes at the club and has been for years now.
  13. I thought his press conference was brilliant. I just find it hard to accept that billion dollar media organisations who've been proven to blatantly twist their narratives to suit their's and their donors ideals can play the bully victims. Again with this thread everyone just calling him nuts but not mentioning policy aside from Harvz, it's just depressing watching you all get spoon fed the bollocks from large sections of the media. Harvz is right Trump blatantly falls down on green policy, that's probably the biggest chunk so far. His tax reforms I think will need watering down I don't see how he can balance it, but I'm not a major economist. I get the theory and I agree in principle but it's similar to some of what the coalition did here and I'm yet to see mass benefits rather a slow amble forward. Although he looks like he'll build extensively which may boost the economy but long term surely he's going to have to borrow and the debt is already eye watering. On the media I don't think he'll get the credit he deserves, western media completely ignores the clusterfuck that has become rampantly liberal Sweden, he mentioned it so they have to report. It's blatant reverse psychology and it's hilarious because it shows these purveyors of "fake news" for the shameful charlatans they are parading around claiming to be journalists. How some of these anchors keep a straight face is beyond me. Also another big stick used against him is he's a homophobe, where's this come from? He's been pro gay marriage long before Hillary who was still anti gay marriage in 2013. Yes 2013 that's the democrats for you completely rotten to the core. Is Trump an asshole? Yeah he's a bit narcissistic and he's politically incentive (which you'd expect from a guy 4 weeks into his first political job) Is he hitler? Are you tooting on your mothers crack pipe? Finally can some cunt sort out quoting on this fucking site, 3 times I've lost posts in response to others I've given up now. Sort it Chazz make TFF Great again.
  14. Don't worry it's only been 3.1/2 years since we've come back from trailing at half time to win. It's only one away win in 2-3 years to, you've got this
  15. In fairness there's obviously a conflict with Bruce but Bruce may have lost the lot of them by the look of it