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  1. Can you hear the echo?
  2. Love TFF, hate Chazz.
  4. Thanks, I'd thought about Southport & Salford but didn't really think of Fylde. Will definitely look into their games.
  5. It's laughable to even suggest that.
  6. I've said for ages that I want to see more lower league football and my first game is on Saturday for the derby between Blackpool and Morecambe. Bought tickets for me and the Mrs for what should be a good game. I've got a soft spot for Blackpool considering how their fairytale promotion to the top flight was snatched away from them in style. Hope they win but more looking forward to watching live football through lower league eyes.
  7. Mad how Xhaka seemed to start well before turning to utter shit.
  8. Despite his cunty move to Bayern him being forced into early retirement would be harsh.
  9. Hicks & Gillette back would make Cannabis happy too .
  10. Nah, he'd stick Vardy on corners.
  11. Another penalty for Madrid in the "defiantly not corrupt La Liga". Getting beyond a joke now but hilarious at the same time how theyre managing to fuck things up even with 12 men.
  12. It's shambolic what Bechetti has done, a disgusting man to the core. Not that it's much consolation but a Leyton Orient Pheonix club is the best thing for them at the moment. The only way is down with that clown in charge.
  13. Burn Chazz.
  14. Thought Batard died in a house fire. How underwhelming.