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  1. I love Luis Enrique. Yeah, sure, a lot of the decisions he has made in his three years here has been controversial to say the least, such as his sometimes mindless and over rotations and, of course, the lineups and tactics. Especially this season. However, he's a Barcelona legend and I'll be sure to never forget his tenure. As bad as this season has been, his tenure will go down as one of the most successful in the history of the club. He won the treble in his first season, he won the domestic double in his second, he stuck it to Real Madrid at the Bernabeu by a 4-0 scoreline, and, as forgettable as this season has been, we saw two very magical nights that will never be forgotten, namely the 6-1 and the 3-2 Clasico. It is definitely the right time for him to go, though. This season has been testament to that fact. He's burnt out. Thanks for everything, Lucho!
  2. What happened to this forum? A couple years ago it used to be buzzing with activity and now it's dead :/ Sad tbh

  3. Surely this isn't true
  4. I was thinking it's probably good that Atletico won anyway, because it's really easy to fall into the trap of complacency, with games away to Villarreal and our nightmare, the Anoeta, still to come
  5. Suarez's goal today was superb, brilliant stuff, and happy to see him break the so-called 'goal draught'...and it incorporated everything that Luisito is so good at
  6. It's absolutely incredible what this team has achieved and continue to achieve, to be honest...if you had told me at the beginning of the season that we would go on to break the long standing Real Madrid unbeaten record with a massive and ridiculous 35 game unbeaten streak ( and still counting too ), I would have laughed at you honestly. This really is a special group of players and it's a huge honour to be able to watch these boys week in, week matter what happens from now until the end of the season, these boys have done me ( and I think every other Barcelona fan as well ) really proud, and they can hold their heads really high. They are legends! :barca: Putting the Copa Del Rey and the Champions League aside for a moment ( we'll deal with those two when that time reaches ), the league, the most important of the bunch, must stay in Barcelona...if we succeed in defending it, it'll be 32-24 between us and Real Madrid...we're catching up, and another 10 years of football like the last 10 from Barca and we could very well actually do it, which will be nothing short of spectacular...before the day that I die, I want to see FC Barcelona surpass Real Madrid in terms of La Liga championships won....even if we never win a Champions League again in my lifetime, I could die a happy man as long as the ''rebellious group'' topples the crown off of the Franco dictatorship, after years and years of the dictatorship being out of sight. It's imperative that we see out this league and win it, we can't let complacency creep in now ( not that I think Luis Enrique will allow that, quite frankly ). It's good be to be back, by the way :lol:
  7. Saturday: Real Madrid 2-3 Celta Vigo Villarreal 3-0 Las Palmas Getafe 0-3 Sevilla Deportivo 1-3 Malaga Sunday: Betis 2-0 Granada Eibar 0-3 Barcelona Sociedad 2-0 Levante Sporting Gijon 1-2 Athletic Bilbao Valencia 1-1 Atletico Madrid Monday: Espanyol 1-3 Rayo
  8. Been far too long since I came on here :/ Well, the absences of certain key individuals for Bayern Munich is definitely a boost for us, dangerous players who can make a difference like Robben and Ribery will be out, Benatia is out so that means Dante will play, and Lewandowski is doubtful I believe. However, this is still FC Bayern Munich, and their coach is Pep Guardiola, so it'd be a dangerous game to take things for granted and lower our guard, we need to give Bayern the respect that they deserve because even with those absentees they are still one of the three best clubs in Europe and can still hurt us. I have faith in our defense, I think we can keep a clean sheet at the Camp Nou, which is vital, we can't afford to give up an away goal to Bayern. That's the key in this first leg, try and not concede and try and take every chance we get, because in a game like this there won't be many clear cut chances. If I had to predict, I'd go with a 2-0 win for Barcelona. Come on boys.
  9. Another brilliant performance from Luis Suarez, different from the Liverpool Suarez, yeah, but not inferior by any means necessary. The beast has well and truly awakened. As for Leo Messi, nothing to see there, not even his best game, was anonymous all throughout the first half and yet still scored a hattrick. Back to the top of the table and in some style too! Now it's just to take it one game at a time and hopefully we can win the league come May. Leo Messi is now level on goals with Cristiano Ronaldo in La Liga with 30 each, Barcelona are top of the league, another brilliant performance from Suarez...not a bad way to have started my Sunday at all lol
  10. My brother and I the day we had beaten PSG 3-1 last December A random mirror selfie lol Me at Old Trafford when I visited England back in 2013
  11. Yup, on the 22nd. Tbh I knew that after the new year they'd start playing like shit. They were playing the beautiful football and winning at the wrong time of the season, and let's not forget the friendly against Milan they played during the break and the extra exertions caused by the Club World Cup. And Carlo Ancelotti's refusal to rotate. I knew they would burn out and thus I was never really worried by their winning streak. It's about to come all crashing down for Real Madrid. Meanwhile Lucho's much maligned rotation policy is bearing its fruit and we're hitting form at just the right point of the season, and so has Leo Messi as well. It's all about keeping it up for us now. We're right on track.
  12. Well then, it's a big game tomorrow against Rayo Vallecano...we can't let it slip this time, no more margin for error. It's back to the top of the table! And then on the 22nd we'll have a chance to extend the advantage to four as well...come on boys. And as for the kickoff time, why's it so early? Damn...
  13. Wait, Griezmann is eligible to play for Bilbao? Well then lol. And Ruffier is a solid goalkeeper to replace Iraizoz ( who has been absolutely on point for me so far, he's kept clean sheets at both the Camp Nou and the Bernabeu too ) since he's 33, 34 by the time the season comes to an end. Thank though bro.
  14. I must say, looking back at some of the posts I made on here from like two years ago, I see why people on here have/had certain beliefs and opinions of me o.o Wtf was I thinking :v I'ma just say it myself: I was one annoying idiot lol.

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  15. Well that was a nerve-wracking end to the match, but 1-1! The gap reduced to 2 points and our destiny is back in our own hands, thank you, Villarreal. The only negative is that this man scored yet another penalty, but oh well.