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  1. It's been quite a while since they were last in the Championship, got a bit of a soft spot for them. So I'd like to see the Blades, do well in the Championship next season.
  2. Southampton for me
  3. I'm back here again. Gonna try and post more often too


  4. I should have worded it better. He's far better than Immobile, Pelle, Eder and Zaza whom have lead the line for Italy in recent times.
  5. Korean/Japanese Footballers in the Premier League, are very underrated. Ki Seung Yeung, Son Heung Min and Shinji Okazaki are good players. Olivier Giroud is underrated. Gary Cahill is underrated. Sebastian Giovinco is the best Italian striker. Anthony Martial is overrated. Jesse Lingard is a PL relegation battle player/top Championship player at best. Holland will never be a force in International football again
  6. I see no reason for purchasing Apple Music,when i can use TDownloader to download all my music.
  7. Whenever I try view this forum on opera,the browser will not let. Because,"it contains malicious software or been hacked."

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      I get that too, just press 'ignore this warning'

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      I've occasionally seen that also.

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      SirBalon just dropping it in there that he's got two iPads. What next? THIS FORUM IS VERY UNFRIENDLY WHEN TRYING TO READ IT FROM MY BUGATTI.

  8. Gonna be more active on here again

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      Good to see you back mate.

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  9. The MLS is an underrated League. It's obviously not one of the best, but it is better than a lot of people say it is. Andrej Kramaric, has the potential to be a top Premier League striker, he deserved more of a chance with us Leicester. Shame Claudio Ranieri, prefers Ulloa over him.
  10. Not a bad signing for Watford tbh. Altough i can see him being second choice, by the way what happened to Jonathan Bond, I thought he was second choice at Vicarage Road.
  11. Well that was a shock transfer honestly I expected Kondogbia, to join a Premiership side. But, that's a massive coup and a top quality signing for Inter Milan. I was surprised that they could afford to fork out 35 million euros on him.
  12. I wish you could be able to play as women teams against male teams. But, oh well i will still play as woman teams for a laugh. But, hopefully the career mode will be improved and EA will decide to fix the market and give us better coin rewards in Ultimate Team. Does anyone think that EA will remove Price Ranges ?
  13. I'm curious to see what he can do at Real Sociedad, considering the fact that they are a smaller club compared to Manchester United. But, he'll definitely need to change his defensive style of football if he wants to succeed there.
  14. We were bloody awful yesterday against West Brom, we set up negatively without any width at all and deserved to lose. I'm worried that unless our form picks up and we get back to playing our regular 4-4-2 and find a solid starting eleven Nigel Pearson could lose his job. We have to do better and fast.