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  1. Honest answer. Is Moonlight actually a film deserving the best film award or is this one of those diversity votes?
  2. I think you mean us instead of Bristol.
  3. 2-2 with us in the end and I can't argue with the result as it really could have gone either way, with both of us having plenty of great chances and forcing the keepers to make some good saves. If there's one team that has a chance of getting into the playoffs, Fulham easily look the most likely as they passed it around superbly, persistently tried to exploit holes when possible and could break with pace as well. The only downer for them, if this game was anything to go by, was that they can leave themselves open.
  4. Half Time - 1-1 but could have been about 5-5 as both teams have had great chances and is completely open. Also, I must remind myself never to include Newcastle in an accy ever again. Bellends.
  5. Shitting yourselves.
  6. Leeds currently leading Wednesday 1-0. Dodgy pen given to Wednesday but a weak pen from Rhodes saw Green tip it on the post and away from danger.
  7. Birmingham leading 2-0 at Wolves and Burton drawing 1-1 with Blackburn so far, the latter being quite impressive considering Blackburn have apparently not had a shother on target yet.
  8. A tough game for us. They only beat us 2-1 in the FA Cup but they tore us apart all game and we were lucky not to get hammered. We're on good form atm so hoping for a closer match this time round. As mentioned before, this is arguably the beginning of make or break time for Blackburn, starting with Burton away, then three home games on the bounce against Derby, Wigan and us. Didn't realise that the top 2 play on Tuesday either.
  9. Guessing either having a go at site owner or second account.
  10. Makarios never settled for 4th best.
  11. Think so. If I remember correctly, he said he could walk from there to Newcastle in a day or something bizarre like that.
  12. Guaranteed win at Burton now.
  13. Bets on how long it'll take for Arsenal to blame the pitch? Right, I'm not saying anything from now on. Looked like a twat for the Man United game against St Etienne as well.
  14. So it begins. Come on Sutton.