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  1. I played a demo of Yakuza 3 years ago on PS3 and remember really enjoying it, but strangely I never bought it (even when it was staring at me on the shelf). Yakuza 0 would be my first and considering it's a prequel to the lot, would be a good starting point.
  2. Think I'll wait as surprisingly I'm not generally bothered with the Zelda series (though I would be tempted by this). Waiting on how the Switch does and Mario Odyssey before making my mind up.
  3. Yeah, the Yakuza games are kind of open world but not as big as GTA. However, it's considered crammed with various things to do and can take around 30 hours to see and do everything. A series that always goes under the radar. As for Zelda, I would have expected nothing less.
  4. I've heard a lot of good things about Horizon and might buy it at a later date (hoping for Yakuza 0 tomorrow).
  5. Bunn scores for Huddersfield. With Bravo in goal, anything can happen. 1-0 Huddersfield.
  6. Hope Huddersfield destroy Man City.
  7. Two games that look winnable but both are fighting for survival and will make it difficult.
  8. Hopefully it shows the FA and Football League as a laughing stock they are over the 'fit and proper' ownership test. But we all know they won't give a fuck.
  9. One for you lot. Thoughts?
  10. Blackburn with a vital win against Derby.
  11. Honest answer. Is Moonlight actually a film deserving the best film award or is this one of those diversity votes?
  12. I think you mean us instead of Bristol.
  13. 2-2 with us in the end and I can't argue with the result as it really could have gone either way, with both of us having plenty of great chances and forcing the keepers to make some good saves. If there's one team that has a chance of getting into the playoffs, Fulham easily look the most likely as they passed it around superbly, persistently tried to exploit holes when possible and could break with pace as well. The only downer for them, if this game was anything to go by, was that they can leave themselves open.
  14. Half Time - 1-1 but could have been about 5-5 as both teams have had great chances and is completely open. Also, I must remind myself never to include Newcastle in an accy ever again. Bellends.
  15. Shitting yourselves.