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  1. Starts on Saturday. Live on Eurosport.Group ASouth Korea (hosts)GuineaArgentinaEngland Group BVenezuelaGermanyVanuatuMexicoGroup CZambiaPortugalIranCosta RicaGroup DSouth AfricaJapanItalyUruguayGroup EFranceHondurasVietnamNew ZealandGroup FEcuadorUnited StatesSaudi ArabiaSenegal
  2. Because it's the African Cup of Nations. It should the best Africans vs the best Africans. Africans only - players and managers.
  3. Only 4 African managers at the African Cup of Nations. Disgraceful.
  4. Group A Chile Croatia Nigeria United States Group B England Guinea Brazil South Korea Group C Australia Germany Mexico Argentina Group D Belgium Mali Honduras Ecuador Group E South Africa Costa Rica North Korea Russia Group F New Zealand France Syria Paraguay
  5. The Second City derby returns for the first time since January 2011. Blues have only been given 2,800 tickets.
  6. Good news.
  7. Chile, with an Argentine manager, defeat Argentina. Give the trophy to Argentina.
  8. Doesn't he want to play in the Champions League?
  9. Think that was how Tim Vickery (South American football journalist) described him.
  10. The Brazilian Frank Lampard?
  11. That would be nice but it doesn't affect the game at the end of the day. Argentinians trying to defeat Argentina. Ridiculous.
  12. Unfortunately yes (Diego Costa) but they still have to meet some eligibility criteria. England couldn't select Pep Guardiola to play for us so we shouldn't be able to hire him as manager.
  13. Getting help from a foreigner defeats the whole point of national team sport. It's supposed to be "our best" vs "your best" That includes the manager since he is crucial to the success or failure of the team. Foreign players aren't allowed so foreign coaches shouldn't be either.
  14. Disappointed to see Chile and Peru progress. Hopefully Colombia and Paraguay do not. #BanForeignManagers
  15. If we were average we wouldn't have qualified for the tournament.