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  1. Bravo Stones - Kompany - Kolarov Zabaleta - Fernandinho - Clichy De Bruyne Jesus - Aguero - Silva
  2. We'll be fine. I've no doubt now. We look ourselves again.
  3. I'm not remotely scared. Not even we'd be that stupid.
  4. I don't think it helps but it definitely gets overplayed. Liverpool had 16 days off before their game away to us (who had played in Spain 5 days before) and we won comfortably.
  5. Yeah we all know why it's there, to tickle the brains of people with no imagination of their own. Idiocy is there to be exposed.
  6. I do think he was hampered a bit in any "innovation" he could put forward this season by the utterly useless summer we had. The pre-season plan was a bit of a culture shock and the recruitment was terrible. The fact we've gone into two windows in a row unable to strengthen our ageing defence is unbelievable and points to bigger issues within our set-up than just the manager. I just think too many people let their liking of him dictate what is right. So often I read "how could they do it to a man like him" without truly knowing what's gone on. I think the whole episode is another worrying showing of how easily people are lead by the media.
  7. There's a vicious cycle behind it all though. It's easy to say that they weren't motivated and it's easy to use the KM covered stats against them too - but Vardy even said it himself - "we were instructed to press from the word go", that's stopped happening this season. Do people not think there's a slight co-incidence here - the communication between Ranieri and his staff breaks down and the performances become disjointed. His assistant gets the next game and we look almost identical to last season. He's had a bit of a history of doing things like it as well. He will keep things ticking over nicely for a while (and nicely is an understatement for us) but eventually he'll tinker and it goes bang. I don't absolve the players of blame at all here, but psychologically when you lose faith in what you're being told to do (and understandably in my eyes, some of the tactics this season have been beyond belief), it's going to hurt your performance. It will naturally take away that bit extra, and I do think that bit extra was vital for us.
  8. It really is criminal. The EFL need to have a serious look at themselves here as well as they have just sat there and allowed this to happen.
  9. I keep asking it and keep getting no answers, what's in it for these players to deliberately not play for Ranieri? Honestly, certain players couldn't have had it easier under him this season.
  10. Leicester 2-1 Hull Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal Man Utd 4-0 Bournemouth Stoke 2-1 Middlesbrough Swansea 0-0 Burnley Watford 1-1 Southampton West Brom 1-0 Crystal Palace Sunderland 0-3 Man City Tottenham 2-2 Everton West Ham 0-3 Chelsea
  11. I take it all as a compliment really. Everyone must have such a high opinion on Leicester's players if they think we can quite simply switch on and off our ability to beat Liverpool. Instructions? Lets not forget it's quite well documented that he and Shakespeare's relationship looked quite frosty towards the end too, to the extent they weren't even talking on the touchline.
  12. Weird jibe. I'm quite enjoying this phase of everyone having a stab at us.
  13. Not having that. Vardy even said the higher pressing was an instruction.
  14. Tonight confirmed everything I thought - Ranieri really had lost them. You've just got to ask why. We'll stay up comfortably now. Quote me on that. I fancy us to power to comfortable survival under Shakespeare.
  15. Liverpool were poor but we were absolutely excellent tonight I thought. That was literally everything that had been missing. I felt these things would return under Shakespeare and they did. I was underwhelmed by the line-up, but if you look at it, it's actually the same XI that picked itself in the second half of last season with Ndidi in for Kante, and Ndidi was just about Kante-level. Excellent performance from him, probably only Vardy pips him to man of the match for me. On the subject of Liverpool signings in January you could've done a lot worse than this lad. Tonight all but confirms everything I suspected. Those saying it was a dig at Ranieri from the players - well I agree, but I keep making the point, why would they do it to him? Le Fou's post further up I think could have some substance. I don't think he's nearly as popular within the club as he is outside of it. But tonight didn't feel like a snipe at Ranieri. I liked the send-off to him and it kept a positive rapport between him and the fans, even if I do agree with the decision. Thank you for everything. It felt like more of a dig at the media and the amount of people slagging us off. The satisfaction it brought me was unreal personally. Absolutely love a siege mentality. Had £20 on us at 19/4 as well. Lovely £95 profit to go on top of it and a very smug Liverpool fan at work to shut up tomorrow. The amount of shit I've had off him all day just makes this all the sweeter. But it's important that we keep our focus and keep going. It's one result, and even despite how poor we have been this season, we have had the odd good result in there - I just feel this time it really is going to be a corner turned, and we're going to power our way to survival. We're back.