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  1. Tonight confirmed everything I thought - Ranieri really had lost them. You've just got to ask why. We'll stay up comfortably now. Quote me on that. I fancy us to power to comfortable survival under Shakespeare.
  2. Liverpool were poor but we were absolutely excellent tonight I thought. That was literally everything that had been missing. I felt these things would return under Shakespeare and they did. I was underwhelmed by the line-up, but if you look at it, it's actually the same XI that picked itself in the second half of last season with Ndidi in for Kante, and Ndidi was just about Kante-level. Excellent performance from him, probably only Vardy pips him to man of the match for me. On the subject of Liverpool signings in January you could've done a lot worse than this lad. Tonight all but confirms everything I suspected. Those saying it was a dig at Ranieri from the players - well I agree, but I keep making the point, why would they do it to him? Le Fou's post further up I think could have some substance. I don't think he's nearly as popular within the club as he is outside of it. But tonight didn't feel like a snipe at Ranieri. I liked the send-off to him and it kept a positive rapport between him and the fans, even if I do agree with the decision. Thank you for everything. It felt like more of a dig at the media and the amount of people slagging us off. The satisfaction it brought me was unreal personally. Absolutely love a siege mentality. Had £20 on us at 19/4 as well. Lovely £95 profit to go on top of it and a very smug Liverpool fan at work to shut up tomorrow. The amount of shit I've had off him all day just makes this all the sweeter. But it's important that we keep our focus and keep going. It's one result, and even despite how poor we have been this season, we have had the odd good result in there - I just feel this time it really is going to be a corner turned, and we're going to power our way to survival. We're back.
  3. Sorry to pick on you Balon but I do get a bit fed up of people giving Ranieri all of the credit for last year and the players all of the criticism for this year. Someone made a fantastic point on 606 yesterday. The players who have supposedly stabbed him in the back have actually taken the hard option if it's true. As things were, they were undroppable, collecting their wages every week, playing every game, no matter how badly they played, they would be picked next time out. They could not have had it easier. I can't be the only one who in the most fucked up way actually has a slight admiration for the fact they took what they believed to be necessary action in order to drive standards up again? They've taken the option that potentially screws themselves over in order to improve what's going on at the club. A lot of the supposed names, Morgan, Schmeichel, Vardy etc... have been here for years. They have been through everything with us. I just cannot believe after seeing what they've done for us after all of these years that they would all of a sudden decide all together that they're going to ruin it for the sake of... what? Being played every game unchallenged? The problem is people side with Ranieri because of his media persona. He's obviously a lovely bloke to the cameras, and I can absolutely see why people like him, like I say, I always had a fond memory of him when I was younger and he was at Chelsea. Behind the scenes? Well you tell me. I don't think this culture of unfulfilled promises (see what the likes of Schlupp, Ulloa, Kapustka and Zieler have said) and things like this ( give off the gentleman impression personally. He seems to be keeping the people out of the club on side and the people within it off. The polar opposite to Pearson, ironically. I can't believe I'm saying some of this but my gut feeling is that the players aren't the main ones at fault here. I just want to hear both sides of it, and I don't think a lot of people do, they've made their minds up. However, they need to pull their fingers out - and quickly. If they get us relegated from here, there will be no way back for them amongst our fans. It's already an uphill battle with a lot of them, it's like a lose/lose tonight. Lose it and they'll get the usual shit, win it and there'll be questions of where the hell was this in the last few months. Thankfully, I think they will keep us up comfortably, and I think they will get that ball rolling by beating Liverpool tonight. Maybe I'm kidding myself but I think you'll see a different Leicester later, one really with a point to prove, and we've shown in the past that that's very deadly when it wants to be.
  4. Pearson is favourite to take over Could you imagine it. Seriously.
  5. Just to re-iterate, Kante is the best midfielder in the league. I said in the summer I'd rather have him than Pogba and I stand by that.
  6. Well worth a read this I think.
  7. It's just the fact a Chelsea fan, you know, the "honorable" Chelsea (sacked a manager 5 months after winning the Champions League) has the nerve to take the moral highground over us to the extent he'd actually support a result that goes against his own team if it screws us. That's truly fucking bizarre if you ask me. And with the greatest of respect, you don't know the ins and outs.
  8. Nicely done Everton. You're looking quite a solid side these days. Definitely moving in the right direction. Think Sunderland are finally dropping this year.
  9. Sorry I'm still trying to come to terms with this. A Chelsea, CHELSEA fan wants 2nd placed Liverpool (with Chelsea 1st) to beat us because we sacked a manager who was taking us down.
  10. I can understand why it's sad, but I think the real eye opener should be this - nobody knows a club better than its own fans. The fact our fans, the ones who really did witness the highs under Ranieri are less outraged by this than most neutrals who only casually follow what's going on here speaks volumes to me.
  11. The point is I look forward. Correct, Leicester are traditionally a yo-yo club, but last year DOES change things for us. If we're going to accept our place as a yo-yo club, then don't pay out wages to players that are in line with a club that expects to push for Europe. Yes it was a miracle, but it still happened. And we didn't just win it, we walked it. We won it by more points than Chelsea did the year before, and by more than they'll probably win it by this season. When standards drop so horrendously, questions DO have to be answered. Ranieri has been a victim of his own success, but that success happened for a reason, not because we we "lucky", or "everyone else was shit". Questions have to be asked of why we haven't come close to maintaining standards that we set. Those players have proven over a whole season they can be brilliant. It's all such an anomaly that I'd say it's impossible to compare it to anything else, but I do wonder about Ranieri - this is a man who Franscesco Totti nearly left Roma because of. I'm convinced there's more to him than meets the eye. We will probably never know though.
  12. I can't take a word Lineker says seriously anymore anyway. The most blatant "say what the majority supposedly want to hear" clown of the lot these days, even where we're concerned.
  13. I do think these players had a lot to lose by doing what they did though. It is pretty shit of them to do it to Ranieri, but they must know themselves it would be perceived that way and they still went ahead with it. They knew full well the controversy it would stir, and the stick Leicester as a club would take for it, but they went ahead with it and did it anyway. I follow everything regarding Leicester. I'm a bit of an obsessive. All of the little details interest me. I get told the odd bit of information too, and as previously stated, I was told a while ago that Ranieri was nowhere near as popular with his players as he was with the media and fans of neutral clubs. You only have to see the reaction to this as evidence. The question you ask here - who, as a manager, do you rather have on side? The neutrals and the media, or your own players? I really do think we're going to survive now because I think you will see that fight return to the players. They've shown it before and they can show it again. I think the siege mentality will return and we will beat the drop. And I can see why it comes across as shit to Ranieri - it is, absolutely, but like I keep saying, you've got to question why they felt the need to be shit to him. I think they completely lost faith in his methods and wanted direction, something that's been lacking massively. I have no issue with people having an opinion on whether he should stay or go, but I do find the attitude taken towards us by a lot of people to be ridiculous. They're either scared of ambition or they support this ever growing concept within the game of a status quo - where clubs have "rightful" places. I just do not believe in that, it's that mindset above all that has killed this sport and I am massively disappointed to see us accept that status quo on the back of sticking two fingers up at it. It's all a very sorry end but I think ultimately too many people let their hearts rule their heads where Ranieri is concerned, and I'm saying that as someone who had him oversee the most unbelievable season we will likely ever have.
  14. There has to be a reason they did it. I don't believe it's as simple as they stabbed him in the back for the sake of stabbing him in the back. They took a risk by doing what they did. They've got to step up massively on the pitch, but I'd like to hear both sides of it personally.