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  1. Gaelic was spoken before this modern English language was introduced to the British Isles. No need for this foreign language overtaking an indigenous language.
  2. No English, merely Gaelic or Welsh. Should protect our heritage.
  3. I hope the board were at least clever enough to insert relegation wage clauses into these new contracts that they handed out at the start of the season.
  4. In fairness, there was a lower league fan (apologies for forgetting who) who pointed out that Premier League teams lowering prices would harm lower league teams. So he kinda has a point there. Everything else he has said is mostly utter rubbish though.
  5. Epic collapse by Fiorentina. Who have almost certainly crashed out.
  6. That's why I suggest Roma, as they are outstanding going forward as well as fantastic defensively
  7. What are you even on about? You mentioned no better team to watch, I mentioned Roma. And then you had one of your condescending moments.
  8. I think the team above them might have something to say about that...
  9. An outstanding goal and a great victory for Fiorentina. Maybe not the better side, but they should take a lot of confidence into the second leg that they can advance. Meanwhile, another great goal from the other Italian team in action tonight.
  10. Were Napoli as awful as made out to be?
  11. Just another example in the last week of an inept English manager being found out and trying to escape back down south....
  12. He was jumping before he was pushed. By moving he keeps his reputation in some sort of order and gets another shot in the Championship.
  13. A lot of troubles at the top level of Kilmarnock, so not an entire surprise that he jumped back to England. Has a fairly poor record, but the turnover of players within a year was incredible. He was never going to get some consistency from the players.