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  1. That was a joke. From Twitter.
  2. We have had some shit luck this season, and no amount of re-writing of history or hyperbole is going to change that. The fact of the matter is that if this scenario was reversed today it'd barely get a mention anywhere, nevermind this thread. So I'm certainly not going to sit here and say I feel sorry for Southampton because it happened to go in our favour this time and against them. We picked a bad time to go from solid-but-gunshy to clinical-but-ropey in a final, but thankfully we managed to create enough chances to compensate for frailties elsewhere. Chances for the same bloke who was supposed to be past it at the start of the season. Against a team like Southampton playing as well as that, that was a game we'd've lost 3-0 in the last few seasons. This team isn't as soft anymore.