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  1. Some really interesting results so far... 2-0 Bulgaria over Holland (????) 0-1 Greece over Belgium (!?) The second of which is less appalling, but I see two managers that should not have the jobs that they do.
  2. Trump just fired the acting AG that told the DOJ to NOT pursue this executive order. He's getting all of his people in now, and setting a really harsh tone.
  3. Good news for your lot: Trump actually wants to give you a decent trade deal according to rumors. He apparently thinks a lot of your country, so perhaps Brexit won't be the total end of your economy after all!
  4. Earlier today, he just told the head of the Border Patrol + 4 chief managers from the State Department. It's really odd, I'm not used to someone that actually does in short order what he talks about. His biggest issue is that he can't shut the fuck up, but to be honest I don't completely hate what he's done so far (outside of cutting abortion funding).
  5. I never thought we'd reach the day where I'd say that Belgium should win this going away. Alas, I think we're there. It's kind of odd to think that Netherlands is legitimately comparable to the USA (and other non-powers) in FIFA ranking. It just doesn't register.
  6. The season's slowly turning. Glad that the chaos club is giving a new manager a real chance to embed a philosophy. This should pan out in a few years time.
  7. This country is going to be in some deep shit. We very well might get Trump for four years (and that's all it's going to be most likely). Somehow the Democratic establishment doesn't like to run background checks on candidates. Even an average liberal would have won this election going away - so why her of all people?
  8. Apparently Trump didn't lose ground after the debate. His base is anti-intellectual, so he doesn't have to go into debates like Hillary does. He won the debate in that he stood his ground and doubled down. That was his "win condition".
  9. There's been some friction between officials Belgium and France after Belgian police dropped off a bunch of migrants back inside the "point of entry" (the French border). The Belgian policeman was arrested after the ordeal. This is now beginning to create serious friction in the EU. The EU is sort of on thin ice already due to severe economic problems with many member nations.
  10. I'll do mine this weekend (finally), but I've always felt silly doing one as I don't live in the environment. Meeting the people behind the clubs would really define this list for me.
  11. Hollywood was bought decades ago. I wouldn't put stock into anything they say.
  12. Eh. It's only four games. This looks like a Magath team, but in reality it actually might end up being worse than that. Imagine a Bundesliga without Werder and Schalke in it - oh my! They problem is that they sold everyone - and didn't put their foot in the ground with the Draxler sale. They are running out of leaders and personalities in the bunch.
  13. I don't think a random dude will be much worse. That's how little I think of her as a leader. Besides, I think people realize they are not only electing a President, but also a replacement one in the event that the first one falls. That's why a VP pick is so important.
  14. Eh. This is just a distraction. I would like to see a formal debate between the two candidates. I don't think I'll get one, however - and it's proof of how immature US politics really are. I care less about her health and more about what she'll actually do before she crashes out next. A continuation of Obama policies wouldn't benefit me, but it wouldn't also be the worst possible outcome.