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  1. Same, great times indeed, it was fun as hell. May you rest in peace TFF.
  2. Great win, probably through.
  3. Yeah them playing together will be very good for out NT. I'd try with Ocampos in Gaitan's place but looks good.
  4. Omg you'll keep reminding me that till the Welsh lay of the sheep for women.
  5. Haha well done you cunt!
  6. He'll be a flop i presume.
  7. 1. Higuain 2. Suarez 3. Lewandowski
  8. Exactly, you have to show them who's boss from the start. SirBaloon is weak.
  9. Hope he gets well, he lives (or lived) about 8km from my home.
  10. Watch our league if you want a competitive league, almost every year there's a different winner.
  11. Easy match, Higuain and Dybala scored, perfect.
  12. Veron and Crespo spring to mind.
  13. Never buy an used electronic device without testing it yourself or without having a reliable cash-back warranty like for example Ebay, no matter the reputation of the seller. It has costed me about USD $45 to have this knowledge, well worth the price.