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  1. Leverkusen 2-1 Bremen Bayern 3-0 Frankfurt Hertha BSC 1-2 Dortmund Darmstadt 0-1 Mainz Freiburg 0-2 Hoffenheim Leipzig 1-1 Wolfsburg Ingolstadt 0-1 Köln Schalke 2-0 Augburg Hamburg 2-2 Gladbach
  2. When the starting lineup was announced you knew there would be problems. Ozil & Cazorla both being out left us with zero players to control things in midfield but seeing as their both out injured, can't have a go at the manager for that. The absence of Sanchez didn't make any sense, can only assume something's going on behind the scenes as nothing else explains it. Don't know why Iwobi suddenly has an untouchable position in the team, he's a good young player but with the players that were on the bench and with his poor form recently he definitely shouldn't have made the side. As for the actual game, terrible first half from us. Second half we were slightly better but obviously conceded the third while chasing the equaliser which was always the risk. Maybe things would've been easier if the referee wasn't involved in some of obvious relationship with Emre Can... How he stayed on the pitch is a mystery. At least it was a nice finish from Welbeck. Don't think there's anything else positive to say about the game.
  3. Ibrahimovic lucky not to be sent off. Playing like a true scumbag today. Gary Neville will love it. Currently 1-1.
  4. Leicester 2-0 Hull Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal, 17.00 Man Utd 3-1 Bournemouth, 12.30 Stoke 2-0 Middlesbrough Swansea 1-0 Burnley Watford 1-1 Southampton West Brom 2-1 Crystal Palace Sunderland 0-3 Man City, 16.00 Tottenham 1-2 Everton, 13.30 West Ham 1-1 Chelsea, 20.00
  5. Augsburg 1-2 Leipzig Dortmund 3-1 Leverkusen Mainz 1-1 Wolfsburg Köln 0-2 Bayern Bremen 1-0 Darmstadt Hoffenheim 2-0Ingolstadt Gladbach 1-2 Schalke Frankfurt 1-1 Freiburg Hamburg 1-0 Hertha BSC
  6. If this was in England the stupid pundits would just say he needs to be stronger there and that he didn't want it enough like they did with Bellerin.
  7. Don't think anyone's that's watched Xhaka would even describe him as a bad player let alone "utter shit". Just needs to stop being so desperate in his recovery tackles, other than that he's better than decent.
  8. The football logic drummed up by football pundits and the low end press suggesting this was a shock and is disgusting has been pretty ridiculous. They were all calling him a disastrous appointment and looking down on him at the start of last season but now they're turning on the "what a dignified, classy old man" lines like they always respected him as a man. They were dropping like a stone into relegation. Of course the players deserve stick but if there's a disconnect between the players and the manager, then there's only really one choice. If they had just dropped to midtable then sacking him would've been harsh but dropping to where they did it wasn't really a surprise. The feeling I have over this is the same as when Di Matteo was sacked by Chelsea after winning their first ever Champions' League trophy. Pretty much been a poor manager all his career, surprised everyone with a big trophy, went back to being hopeless and got sacked. And people saying "If you asked them at the start of last season if they'd take winning the league and then getting relegated, they would've taken it" should realise that even though that might be true, that wasn't actually something that happened, they didn't decide to have relegation in their near future in exchange for the Premier League trophy. The choice they had was do they want to get relegated after having won the Premier League or do they want to stay in the league after having won the Premier League. What they would've done before having won the Premier League is pretty irrelevant.
  9. People that initially said Man Utd with Ibrahimovic are still correct. People that disagreed still look stupid.
  10. So Casey Affleck was never found guilty of anything and people have no way of knowing if anything happened but he's being treated as if he definitely did it? Nice. Irrational, airhead feminism FTW!
  11. It might have been then most exciting thing to have ever happened at the Oscars. It might have been the only exciting thing to have ever happened at the Oscars.
  12. If the reason the Leicester players weren't performing was because of Ranieri then that does mean they're cunts but that also means Leicester made the right choice to sack him. This is just one game though and however well they've done doesn't expose a new change in attitude, we'll have to see how they carry on expecially as Liverpool slip up against the lesser sides regularly.
  13. The High Sparrow is good in this as well.
  14. I'm struggling with the outrage over the pretty standard procedure of revealing half year finances... or is the outrage over not being able to claim we have £200mil in cash reserves as it turns out it's half that. You clowns get so over dramatic over anything. He went of injured against Man City on the 13th.