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  1. Yakuza 3 was a good game although I wouldn't say it's one of the best of the series. The story kinda got boring for me. Yakuza 4 was really good though, one of the best. Had a lot of interesting mini-games, not a bad story, improved gameplay and you could play with 4 different characters (all of them had their own fighting style).
  2. It's similar to Shenmue if you have played it but with different setting. Love the Yakuza series, enjoyable games.
  3. In the end, these upgrades became downgrades. Posts disappearing (even pages sometimes) Site isn't online Either the site is extremely slow on updating the new posts or it rollbacks quite a lot Owner who hasn't posted anything about the problems the site has Shitty hosting, server probably located inside a cave run by monkeys Unread Content (New Posts button) isn't working since a lot of times you can't see the latest posts because it doesn't updates frequently Sometimes you are viewing a new topic, but you can't see the new posts (even the ones you posted few minutes ago) because the topic isn't getting updated You press the "Submit Reply" button to make a new post, and nothing happens, it says Saving or some shit but it gets stuck there (the member doesn't even know if their post is getting posted) and that sometimes results into people making double posts SirBalon & Pannaking keep posting about Wenger everyday
  4. .
  5. Schmeichel on his instagram.
  6. It's pretty obvious he doesn't want to win the league anymore because he will get sacked, just like what happened with Mourinho and Ranieri. It's a good strategy! As for Ranieri, maybe the problem is some kind of new pizza he started ordering? Or the players lost motivation and don't have that hunger to do this again after they accomplished such an amazing thing as winning the league last season? It happens to some players.
  7. Do you still have the link of his twitter? I miss him, I need to gain more knowledge about football by reading his posts. :(
  8. @SirBalon, let's say Wenger has a clause in his Arsenal contract that if Barcelona come in for him he can go, otherwise he will spent 10 more years at Arsenal. Would you like for it to happen since you want Wenger to leave Arsenal?
  9. 100% sure it will be this guy in the end.
  10. Gabriel Jesus Aguero Benzema
  11. That didn't helped him when he started dribbling in defense, lost the ball, didn't try to win it back and was just walking when he lost it, and the real world's best player, Draxler, scored.
  12. The GOAT, the Legend!
  13. It is all Barcelona's fault as always.