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  1. .
  2. Schmeichel on his instagram.
  3. It's pretty obvious he doesn't want to win the league anymore because he will get sacked, just like what happened with Mourinho and Ranieri. It's a good strategy! As for Ranieri, maybe the problem is some kind of new pizza he started ordering? Or the players lost motivation and don't have that hunger to do this again after they accomplished such an amazing thing as winning the league last season? It happens to some players.
  4. Do you still have the link of his twitter? I miss him, I need to gain more knowledge about football by reading his posts. :(
  5. @SirBalon, let's say Wenger has a clause in his Arsenal contract that if Barcelona come in for him he can go, otherwise he will spent 10 more years at Arsenal. Would you like for it to happen since you want Wenger to leave Arsenal?
  6. 100% sure it will be this guy in the end.
  7. Gabriel Jesus Aguero Benzema
  8. That didn't helped him when he started dribbling in defense, lost the ball, didn't try to win it back and was just walking when he lost it, and the real world's best player, Draxler, scored.
  9. The GOAT, the Legend!
  10. It is all Barcelona's fault as always.
  11. It is a wise move from him because it is easier for Barcelona to buy him from Valencia later.
  12. One of the best coaches Olympiakos had, and that's a club that is changing almost every year their coach. Definitely in top 3 coaches Olympiakos had in the last 10 years, Silva, Valverde and Michel. Apart from some questionable choices for his first team, he was perfect in the league. He also holds the record for winning the league (mathematically) in February. Good attacking coach, fast paced football with effective counter attacks and good at adapting to his team's needs when it's needed. He likes to play with 4-2-3-1 without any natural striker (and most times wingers as well), he is not a big fan of attacking from the flanks, all his 4 attacking players were attacking midfielders. His whole team was depending a lot on their #10 (Fortounis) and their player who was playing upfront was some kind of false-nine. At least that is what he was doing back in Greece, don't know if he is planning to change all these things since it's different managing Olympiakos and a Premier League team.
  13. Happy New Year!