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  1. Just wanted to say to all the German fans how disgusted o am about the behaviour of a small minority of English fans. These are not true football fans they are mindless yobs and they've proved this by making remarks about the war.   Millions of good people lost their lives on both sides.  Please accept our apologies. A True England Fan 

  2. Final NT game for Poldi, 1-0 against England, scored a goal. Perfect ending.
  3. SirBalon, I was not referring you. If just saying "d1ckhead" is really not appropriate after people calling me names and try to discredit the reason why I support a team(s) and brought in nationality/ethnicity into discussion, okay, I apologize and take back my words (but I won't edit my posts).
  4. If the 2012 prime Mario Gomez was not good enough, why the 2016 Mario Gomez is good enough? Muller had scored 10 goals in 2 WC and he was the starting striker of the winning team in 2014, why changed it back to 2012 (except Poldi)?? 2012 - Gomez - Podolski - Ozil - Muller - Schweinsteiger - Kroos 2016 - Gomez - Draxler - Ozil - Muller - Schweinsteiger - Kroos Gomez should be the back up the most. I don't think Low's selection was really a problem, as Reus was injured, and he had picked Draxler, Sane, Kimmich, Hector (player who played) already, together with Weigl, Tah and a couple of keepers. There was no more space and playing time for additional new/young players. Remember, the teams still has veterans (but not old) like Schurrle and Gotze as subs. The biggest problem right now is, there is no true striker after Klose and Gomez, if we need one and not starting Muller. Kiessling has already past his prime and I don't believe Kruse was good enough make a difference at all.
  5. Well said Viva. I have 0 biological connection to Germany but started supporting FC Koln and West Germany in 1982 and some d1ckheads labelling me this and that. Anyway, I don't even bother to reply those crap comments. They don't even know who I am, and understand the passion of football.
  6. Football is the universal language on the planet, and some d1ckhead keeps bringing nationality into discussion. Pure disgrace.
  7. @Viva La Bayern @Notlionelmessi Agree, the team lack of finishing, but NOT lack of creating chances. Even down by 2, Germany still created more quality chances than France. It was just not their day and not able to score. Lloris had a couple of good saves also. France is a good team, but no where close to team Germany's quality. Look forward to WC2018 and see how they get a plan B in attack.
  8. They dominated the possession, and had more shots (on goal). If not because of the pk, Germany was more likely to win than France, which had less possession and shots (on goal). They were trailing, France sat back, and you blame them for not getting a goal?
  9. France the better team? What have they done before the PK? I want to know. Were they the team looked "better" and should win? No. Just one call, Germany's hands were tied and had to give up the defense and attack. France taking advantage on Kimmich's mistake was the only time they really threatened Germany's shorthanded defense in the whole 2nd half. A win is a win, and France would get into the final and Germany should move on. To prepare for WC2018, they need to find another #9 (don't think Gomez will fit in at that time) with or without Muller. Schweini, Poldi, Howedes, Khedira are all out and should bring in more youth for the qualifying games. Rebuild is not needed, just need to change a few pieces. I will keep Jogi for one last WC.
  10. A fucking handball screwed up Germany... another fucking handball
  11. 2008-2012 Spain was just unreal.... their players were in prime and perfectly executed the tiki-taka. To lost a goal or two and able to kept the scoreline tight, was already an accomplishment for Germany. At that time, I never thought Germany could win those 2 games against Spain at all.
  12. A controversial call in the box was "non existent"?? Because someone refused to give you the ball you had the right to grab and wrestle someone's neck? You answer already told me that, you are a dirty player and support the dirty action on the field. Gloryhunter means someone supporting a team when it is winning. If you don't know what the word "gloryhunter" means, then STFU. p.s. I watched that final game more than half a dozen times, I know what I am saying. Your team, Argentina, played dirty, as always.
  13. I think switching back to the usual 4-2-3-1 is good enough. Draxler to start. If Gomez is out, the start Muller upfront, Kimmich as RM and Howedes as RB, Mustafi and Boateng as CB.