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  1. Lot of high scores and good effort from those getting 18 points with only 1 perfect score!
  2. Saturday: Leicester 2-1 Hull Liverpool 2-1 Arsenal Man Utd 3-0 Bournemouth Stoke 2-1 Middlesbrough Swansea 2-0 Burnley Watford 1-2 Southampton West Brom 3-0 Crystal Palace Sunday: Sunderland 1-2 Man City Tottenham 2-1 Everton Monday West Ham 1-3 Chelsea
  3. it's scary how much he sounds like Pearson
  4. Augsburg 1-3 Leipzig Dortmund 3-1 Leverkusen Mainz 2-0 Wolfsburg Koln 1-3 Bayern Bremen 2-0 Darmstadt Hoffenheim 2-1 Ingolstadt Gladbach 2-0 Schalke Frankfurt 1-0 Freiburg Hamburg 1-2 Hertha Berlin
  5. Hodgson hasn't been appointed so don't know what you're all on about. It's all speculation! Latest I know is that a meeting was had with Hodgson but the owners prefer Shakespeare anyway.
  6. commentator said they've only won once away from home before and that was first weekend of the season
  7. Las Palmas you absolute legends!!
  8. Wonder where he'll go next and more to the point, wonder who Barca will employ as his replacement.
  9. And Las Palmas' equaliser was brilliant. Haven't seen Sergio Ramos be turned like that in a while.
  10. Huddersfield getting hammered now
  11. scoreline wise they're on their way. in the actual game, not so much!
  12. Gijon get a goal back but 2-goal advantage restored after a powerful volley from Suarez just inside the box.
  13. Man City vs Huddersfield tonight in 5th round replay. Winners play Middlesbrough.
  14. yeah, it was only Ranieri who is responsible that got us in to the history books. Made all the saves. Made all the blocks, clearances, assists, goals. Getting sick and tired of this argument now.
  15. Messi scores after 9 mins. Looped header from a Mascherano through-ball. Suarez after 11 mins. Rounds the keeper and scores from a tight angle. 2-0.