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  1. Augsburg 1-3 Leipzig Dortmund 2-1 Leverkusen Mainz 2-1 Wolfsburg Köln 1-3 Bayern Bremen 2-0 Darmstadt Hoffenheim 2-0 Ingolstadt Gladbach 1-1 Schalke Frankfurt 1-2 Freiburg Hamburg 0-1 Hertha BSC
  2. Now that would explain his weight issues and below-par performances. Depending on what the actual disorder is, it can be a bitch to deal with, but at least he's got his diagnosis now and can work on getting well.
  3. Not only that - I think Wolfsburg improved a bit under Ismael, and the last match against us was the best they played so far this season, unlucky not to win by 2 or 3 goals. While I get it that in the end, it's 3 points that matter, but surely sacking the coach after a good performance is just silly?... Jonker is the new manager anyway.
  4. Disagree about change being bad hehe, but yeah, the new layout and the general attitude of the people responsible for making it work is just disappointing af. However, even before changes took place it often felt pointless, due to lack of effort from all of us.
  5. We lost way too many regular posters in the last 2 years or so...
  6. So how did that interview go? Welcome back, stranger! What have you been up to?
  7. 0-7 and still 20 minutes to go, ohoh.
  8. Bayern 5-0 HSV already
  9. Köln are sooooo awful
  10. And Bayern scored against HSV Penalty for Bayern, 2-0.
  11. I quite like Walace, the new signing for HSV, looks very promising. Early goals for Mainz and Leipzig... what a blunder by Kessler.
  12. injured or not fully fit, he had to be taken off last week just a few minutes into the game.
  13. Too bad, the amateur commentators are actually pretty funny, haha. Anyway, I'm switching to 1. Bundesliga in a while to see how Bayern thrashes HSV to make this a perfect weekend
  14. Are you sure you haven't misspelled the password? That's the only reason I can imagine since the radio livestream is on a Wordpress site... Maybe try password recovery?