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  1. It's fucking shit how one snake has killed this place. Best forum I've ever posted on has well and truly been killed. Why couldn't Chazz just of handed over the forum to Rab or someone that's not a complete snake 🐍
  2. R.I.P TFF :( Fuck you Chazz, fuck you
  3. That's an absolute disgrace tbh. How has he been allowed to ruin TFF?
  4. Everybody slating Rousey's coach and the fact that he's give her confidence that her boxing skills are something they're not. People are quick to write off Rousey but i just think she doesn't have the hunger that she used to have. Yeah the Women's division has improved but that in itself she's responsible for. Yeah Nunes has looked good in her last few fights, but she's been beat herself off women who Rousey dominated. I would like to see Rousey fight again to prove all the doubters wrong.
  5. Come on mate i don't buy any of that. I thought Whyte just edged it but wouldn't disagree with either taking it. It was one of those fights. A rematch should happen and will be good again. The AJ haters will only slate Wlad if he loses for being past it. Can't wait for it though, definitely going to try and get tickets.
  6. Tuesday 13th December, 2016 Bournemouth 1 vs 1 Leicester Everton 2 vs 3 Arsenal Wednesday 14th December, 2016 Crystal Palace 0 vs 2 Man Utd, 20.00 Man City 2 vs 0 Watford, 20.00 Middlesbrough 1 vs 2 Liverpool Stoke 2 vs 2 Southampton, 20.00 Sunderland 1 vs 2 Chelsea Tottenham 2 vs 1 Hull, 20.00 West Brom 1 vs 1 Swansea, 20.00 West Ham 2 vs 0 Burnley
  7. Saturday 10th December, 2016 Arsenal 3 vs 1 Stoke Burnley 1 vs 2 Bournemouth Hull 1 vs 1 Crystal Palace Leicester 1 vs 3 Man City, 17.30 Swansea 1 vs 1 Sunderland Watford 1 vs 2 Everton, 12.30 Sunday 11th December, 2016 Chelsea 1 vs 1 West Brom, 12.00 Man Utd 2 vs 1 Tottenham, 14.15 Southampton 2 vs 1 Middlesbrough, 14.15 Liverpool 2 vs 1 West Ham, 16.30
  8. It's called Veka. They make windows and doors, I'm a supervisor there mate. He ripped the piss out of me when I went up for my award. Yeah same place as where I burnt my hand. i still have a horrible feeling in my stomach of the mess I was that night...hopefully not many people noticed when I go back to work on Monday.
  9. So on Wednesday night I received an award from work presented to me by Chris Kamara at a works award do. I met him had a chat with him and got a picture/autograph etc etc he's actually as hilarious in real life as he is on tv. But I also ended up being more pissed than I've ever ever been in my life. Completely blacked out and can't remember a thing from a certain point onwards. Luckily the girlfriend got me home. After an hour stop start taxi ride and a fine off them and me being full of sick she managed it. It's so weird how hours of my life I simply cannot remember. I never want to be that drunk again... Will post pictures of the man himself later on.
  10. Went Manchester last week with the lads for a meal before a get together we had. On the way back in the car we just had fire in the booth's on.. what are peoples favourites? This was played... How good is Akala... This was also played. Big fan of Wretch
  11. Was expecting a result on Saturday, Newcastle resting players and our biggest trip of the season.. one for the fans to enjoy. On a bit of form now for our standards, hopefully keep it going.
  12. Looking forward to seeing Lomachenko in even bigger fights. I don't see why people have to be so negative. Boxing is bigger than ever in the UK recently. If you don't agree with PPV then don't buy it. I'm personally looking forward to 2017. Haye - Bellew will be a funny build up, Bellew is a step up to Haye's recent opponents. Then a month later potentially AJ - Wlad. No doubt people will find an excuse to moan about that aswell.
  13. Quite obvious Andy Murray will win this, and deservedly so.
  14. Saturday 3rd December, 2016 Crystal Palace 1 vs 1 Southampton Man City 3 vs 2 Chelsea, 12.30 Stoke 2 vs 0 Burnley Sunderland 1 vs 1 Leicester Tottenham 2 vs 1 Swansea West Brom 1 vs 1 Watford West Ham 0 vs 2 Arsenal, 17.30 Sunday 4th December, 2016 Bournemouth 1 vs 3 Liverpool, 13.30 Everton 1 vs 2 Man Utd, 16.00 Monday 5th December, 2016 Middlesbrough 1 vs 1 Hull, 20.00
  15. Saturday 26th November Burnley 0-3 Manchester City (12:30)Hull City 1-1 West Bromwich AlbionLeicester City 2-1 MiddlesbroughLiverpool 3-1 SunderlandSwansea City 1-2 Crystal PalaceChelsea 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur (17:30) Sunday 27th November Watford 2-2 Stoke City (12:00)Arsenal 4-0 Bournemouth (14:15)Manchester United 3-0 West Ham United (16:30)Southampton 2-3 Everton (16:30)