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  1. I think the best thing that could happen is that Haye struggles to beat Bellew, Bellew loses and goes back to fighting Cruiserweights no one really cares about and Haye gets pushed out of any real title fight for a while.
  2. I'm about to go travelling and have a portable hardrive to load up with tv, where's the best place to dl without getting virus'?
  3. Tammy Abraham is 19 and in his first season of senior football is setting the Championship alight, it's the perfect place to send him to see how well he fares. English players always get a chance, youngsters always do. If he's just referring to Chelsea then fair enough, but the PL as a whole I disagree.
  4. Rugby Union is the best and worse Rugby to watch. So easy to watch a game of just kicking and scrumping and kicking and scrumming. But when you have two top teams, there's no better game to watch Rugby-wise. Watching New Zealand against any top side that looks to take them on trying to score tries rather than kick points is quality. The Lions tour in Australia was. It's one thing Union has is that "I've got the ball, take it off me" mentality, rucking and mauling, it is class. But as I say the flip side to that is you could watch Scotland and Italy and want to slit your wrists
  5. If Bellew loses this fight he will have to go into hiding, so much has been said now.
  6. I don't really support anyone to be honest mate, and I didn't even know who the Rabbitoes were when I first watched them :lol: If I were to follow anyone it'd make sense to follow the Roosters as I'll be backpacking it up around Bondi and the Allianz is fairly close by, but I'll just be going to whatever's easiest. If an Englishman at Souths can have a good season with them again then it's all the better.
  7. Hey ho whatever all I saw and read was how the Europa League final was going to be some sort of Istanbul Mecca. What actually happened was the opposite and it was hilarious, regardless of whoever it was Liverpool or Luton, to see so many dreams thrown aside by Sevilla, a side most thought you'd brush aside
  8. If you look at last season, Mourinho got sacked, Van Gaal got sacked, Arsenal were Arsenal and Liverpool were too busy thinking the glory days were back when they expected to walk over Sevilla. There was no competition for the title at all, couple that with Leicester going on a run never seen in English football I'd say it was probably a one off.
  9. Glad to see Tarkowski getting KOd out of the Cup, hopefully he'll get less game time now. All the shit with Barton and him trying to get their big man sent off, loved seeing Lincoln knock them out. Lost respect for Burnley after watching that, underhanded.
  10. They wouldn't be able to afford a Viera or Adams nowadays
  11. My opinion of Wenger has changed recently, more so because of the money Arsenal don't actually have. I read an article that went around in the Summer that was based around Arsenal's apparent £200m available, but what they claim is essentially only around £54m of that is actually available to purchase a player which in the end isn't that much when you're looking at Chelsea, City and United's transfer fees.
  12. Wasn't a handball in the second half, has to be deliberate and his hand was down in a completely natural position. Overall Arsenal have been outclassed, other than the penalty and Xhaka's attempt there's been nothing about them and to be honest, the penalty was a dive. As long as Bayern keep it to 4-1 they shouldn't have many problems advancing through the tie.
  13. Terry is good with the ball, he has a good passing range for a centre back. But defensively I've never thought he'd do as well as he has done in an openly attacking side compared to defenders like Ferdinand or even Vidic before he went off the boil.
  14. I wouldn't consider David Luiz or Gary Cahill to be great defenders but maybe that's just differences in our meanings behind the terminology used. I would definitely put John Terry up there but against the best teams Chelsea have never consistently been an attacking team. I don't for example think Terry would have been as good for a side like Barce how Pique and Puyol have been.
  15. Timing largely. They've been class for the best part of the season whereas the likes of City and United have had a mixed bag with their managerial and squad changes. Arsenal are Arsenal and normally get a spanking from the bigger teams and Spurs generally have that side missing. I think the fact Liverpool have Klopp plays an enormous role in it as he's no stranger to them against Bayern who for the past 3-4 years have been better than any English side.