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  1. I don't know if you've noticed mate but everybody has left. I think they were fed up with your bullshit.
  2. I can't believe how biased Sky and IFL have been towards Bellew, They are acting like Bellew beat him convincingly and have completely ignored the injury. To be fair though Haye did look bad from start to finish his footwork has completely gone and he's clearly a shell of his former self but I can't see how Bellew could have won that fight without the injury. I thought Haye saying he lost fair and square was simply a response to all the shit Bellew said to him in the build up about him quitting and making excuses as well, it was clearly a tainted victory.
  3. I think he's quite similar to Henderson the way both teams use each player, They don't score many goals but both are very important to the way we both play.
  4. Im sorry but he's played in France his whole career and was never considered a top player while he was there, He can talk shit about West Ham and England all he wants but the fact is if it wasn't for him moving to West Ham in the first place he wouldn't have this reputation as a world class player and certainly wouldn't be earning 120k a week.
  5. I really think all the injuries have caught up with him, He still shows glimpses of class now and again but he hardly creates chances from nothing like he used to a couple of years ago. It's probably the right time to let him go and get a decent fee for him while we still can. A year ago I would have been gutted to see him leave but he's not an important player for us anymore. If we sell him though we need to bring in a quality striker in to replace him I love Firmino but he's not the type of forward who will score 20+ goals a season and Origi hasn't quite made that position his own yet.
  6. I don't know how anyone can disagree that they are the best full backs in the league.
  7. I remember when some of our fans were disappointed that he chose Man United over us, Looking back it was the best thing that could have happened.
  8. Never trust bitches
  9. Spurs look unstoppable at the moment, Really impressed by them and I can't see any signs of weakness in that whole team. I wouldn't be surprised if they took over us as the team to challenge Chelsea at the top because we have looked a bit underwhelming recently.
  10. BJ Penn was terrible last night, Rodriguez is an animal but he played right in to his hands by moving to the right for whole fight walking right in to that brutal left kick of Rodriguez. He also looked very slow and sluggish with his movement, a massive mistake to come back against such a dangerous opponent.
  11. Good I hope he turns out to be a good player, His father was brilliant in his day but was never the same after the failed move to Newcastle.
  12. To be honest I don't know why Joe Hart was so quick to want a move away, He could have easily just stayed and worked in training on his kicking and distribution if he did that for a couple of months I think it's pretty obvious he would be right back in the team now with how bad Bravo has been. It was a mistake by Pep to freeze out hart but also a mistake on Hart's part too to leave so quickly.
  13. Fucking get in!! Massive win for us that and shows that we can actually defend a lead. For all the possession they had in the second half City didn't even test us and we totally nullified them which is great to see after our terrible defending in the last few years.
  14. Amanda Nunez is one scary woman, She's literally retired 2 of the most influential MMA women in history with the power she possesses. I honestly can't see anybody beating her either, Maybe Holly Holm could do it with a good gameplan but I can't see Nunez not landing with that right hand at some point.
  15. It's hard to choose one for Liverpool to be honest, a lot players chip in with great performances. Lallana, Mane & Coutinho are the obvious 3 but players like Henderson, Firmino and even Milner deserve a shout as well.