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  1. Er, what u mean Laaaa!!! ..come ed, wat about LaaaaLLaaannaa miss?
  2. Oliver is a cunt! ..we should of won this by at least 3
  3. Can see us getting done by Liverpool now the title has gone and heads have dropped after the midweek shock Champions League exit tbh
  4. This is what happens when you don't have me on the mod team ..i should of bought the site when it was in it's prime!
  5. Are you crazy?? where is Sane
  6. This is close but would have Suarez for Benzema tbh
  7. The treble is on Caballero Otamendi - Stones Sagna - Yaya - Fernandinho De Bruyne - Silva S.A.S
  8. Comedy Gold ...Sterling, Sane, Silva and De Bruyne are the 1st names on your team sheets this season
  9. People say Kickass torrents is good
  10. 8pt with the game in hand ..and you are welcome
  11. Suarez is doing great! ..Gudetti wasn't good enough for us
  12. Young players will get a chance if they are good enough, just look at our team Sane, Sterling, Jesus, Stones, Iheancho, Garcia, thats half a team of u22's
  13. Being the best team in England by miles, other teams only win silverware if we allow them too