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Terms & Rules

TotalFootballForums Terms & Rules
Created on the 21st November, 2004, Total Football Forums.com is now one of the foremost established football forums on the Internet. As such, we need to make sure it's governed to as great a level as possible. We want people to feel, free on this forum. But who also acknowledge where the boundaries are in what they post and say. So we (Administrators and Moderators) will seldom need to throw the rule book at anyone. Members need to take responsibility when participating, so as not to force the "staff" to be strict with them. When everyone cooperates with each other, it makes life a lot easier.

When you first join the forum, you'll be placed into a temporary member group which has certain limitations. For example you won't be able to view other member profiles, or PM (private message) any member. This is done to prevent accounts being created to gather information members have posted in their profiles and to Spam via the PM system. When you reach twenty (20) posts, you'll be moved into the main Member group where you'll be able to enjoy all of the features the forum has to offer.

Signatures and Avatars
Signatures and avatars should not contain any offensive material. By this we mean anything excessively sexually, crudely explicate or inciting hatred of any sort. Any image is automatically resized to a maximum limit if it exceeds that said limit. Multiple images are allowed, however only one animated image (.gif) is allowed per signature, avatars are not inclusive in that. Because of issues where viewing a topic takes an unreasonable amount of time to load, we don't allow Youtube videos in signatures. Nor any video from other websites.

It goes without saying that when you agree to join this forum, you've agreed to post in as decent a manner as possible. 'One word' replies will be deleted where they're inappropriate. As will just posting 'smilie(s)'. 'Txt tlk' is also prohibited. There is a word-filter in place to prevent much of this. When starting a topic, make sure it's in the correct section. It's for a "staff" member to decide if he/she should move it if they think it's not in the correct section. Whereas we don't prohibit swearing, we ask that it's kept to a minimum.

When quoting news/opinions from other websites, be it for topical football discussions or any other thread on this forum, make sure you always mention the source in your post. This can be done simply by posting the web address of the news you've posted.

We refuse to censor every argument and every insult on this forum, however like most situations there are limits on what's acceptable and what's not. Racism or sexism will be not be tolerated come what may. Anything posted which we (staff members) deem as racist will result in an instant five-day ban from the forum. No ifs, no buts. If you're constantly abusive and/or threatening to members, you will be given a five-day ban. There will be an incremental increase in the days you're banned with each offence you're guilty of.

If you're responsible for consistent petty and offensive arguments throughout the forum which effect the way others post and their enjoyment of the forum, you will be punished by having a number of functions taken away from you. The reputation feature, private messaging, posting status updates and there will be a limit on how often you're allowed to post anywhere on the forum. You will only be allowed to post twenty-five times each day and those posts will be moderated. You will not be allowed to create or rate topics. You'll not be allowed to take part in the ibEconomy lottery. You're inclusion in this group will be indefinite until the staff feel you've merited your full members status back.

Any punishments/deleting of posts and/or topics is entirely down to the digression of the "staff" who's dealing with such a situation. Because of the circumstances before, during and after a potential offence. Which often varies from case-to-case. Members are free to PM other "staff" members or create a topic in the feedback forum if they think the wrong action was taken. But doing so won't guarantee you that what was enforced to begin with will be reversed.

We take a very strict view on posting rumours about anyone (football players, celebrities or other professionals) which may or may not be true. Very often, they're not. More often than not they're just vicious rumours created around the Internet without any substance. If we deem any topic falls into this category, it'll be deleted straight away. Primarily for legal reasons.If you think anything you've seen on the forum contradicts these guidelines, please use the Report System so the "staff" are made aware of any problems.

Abuse of the The Reputation System will result in you having your ability to participate in it revoked. By that we mean we will no longer be able to give anyone feedback, good or bad. Likewise other members will not be able to give you any feedback, good or bad.

This will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Joining the forum just to post links to any source, be it advertising, another forum etc, will result in an instant ban and the deletion of everything you've posted. This applies equally to member accounts which have been registered but not used straight away. Members seen to be making pointless posts throughout the forum in a short amount of time will be warned about their conduct as well. With the posts in question being deleted. Again this will down to the "staff" members to judge for themselves.'Multiple Accounts' are also banned. If we discover that someone has created two+ accounts - either to evade a ban, warning or to just to have two simultaneous accounts without informing a "staff" member, every member account in question will be banned, as well as IP addresses.We will not tolerate any illegal material being posted on this forum. By this we mean streams, movies, music and pornography that TFF has no rights to. They will be deleted immediately. If you see any 'Spam' or illegal material posted, please use the Report System to report it to the "staff".

Total Football Forums.com accepts no responsibility for the content posted on this site. Messages are regularly checked by the staff team, and inappropriate content is deleted. Total Football Forums.com can not guarantee inappropriate material is deleted within 24 hours, especially in busy periods.Total Football Forums does not claim to own the copyright of articles posted on this site unless stated. Site design copyright to Total Football Forums unless stated otherwise.