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  2. The Dictator watched again for the 12th time if i remember it correct.
  3. And he finally lost the battle died at a young age of 35. RIP Nicky.
  4. Wishing best of luck to Chelsea for their match this Saturday, blast the gunners.
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  6. Who do you think will win on Saturday? Don't you think Arsenal are a bit overpriced at 19/5?
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  9. Due to my parents being fans of two different teams in the same league, I've been supporting both (Spurs and Man Utd) all my life.
  10. Batard's Sex Tape: Absolutely shite, pubes are a mess and he cums within a few seconds. 1/10.
  11. You're wasting your time asking this here
  12. You can't support 2 teams in the same league you can support different clubs in different leagues.
  13. Starts on Saturday. Live on Eurosport.Group ASouth Korea (hosts)GuineaArgentinaEngland Group BVenezuelaGermanyVanuatuMexicoGroup CZambiaPortugalIranCosta RicaGroup DSouth AfricaJapanItalyUruguayGroup EFranceHondurasVietnamNew ZealandGroup FEcuadorUnited StatesSaudi ArabiaSenegal
  14. Which one would you go for?
  15. The Kentucky Kid as he is known among racing fans " Nicky Hayden" got involved in an accident with a car on his bicycle. The impact was severe as he smashed on to the windscreen of the car. Current reports say he is still in Critical Condition. Would request everyone to take a moment and pray for his speedy recovery. Here is also the source of the news from BBC: Nicky Hayden Ex-Motogp champion in Hospital after cycling accident in Italy
  16. He was indeed a Hero.
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  18. Hi all, Been ages since I last posted on here! Has anyone else been in a situation where they support 2 teams in the same league? I know many people say you can only have 1 team but for me that wasn't possible. My Dad grew up in Manchester where he was supporting United and my mum's from London and supports Spurs. Growing up I've always been encouraged to support both teams, I've been a member of both clubs, attended both clubs matches and have merchandise from both sides. I never felt more strongly for one over the other. Admittedly visiting Spurs has always been easier due to living in London but I've never known anyone else to be in this situation?
  20. Chazz fingers dogs.
  21. Get today match prediction and crictime .
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