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  2. What sort of message would it have sent out of he'd have just waltzed straight back in as soon as Lovren or Matip were unavailable? The mistake was not signing someone else, either in the summer or last month
  3. FSG have done a great job of dumbing down the expectations of most of our fanbase. They've got most of you content with being Spurs of the 90s or Everton.
  4. Think there might be another thread so apologies if so. Ibrahimovic Sanchez----------------------------Pedro/Mane Dembele---Kante---Henderson Rose---David Luiz---Alderweireld---Walker De Gea
  5. It's probably down to FSG's lack of ambition that's caused Klopp to banish him
  6. There is only one Zlatan
  7. Well I'm just so pleased we have a member on here that knows exactly what our owners are thinking and knows the ins and outs of all our goings on. Lets just leave it at that for now. All I will say is that we don't have Arab or Russian trillionaires nor do we have a manger that buys established stars, rather one that buys potential to develop. So on that note I'll leave you by saying Mike, you are going to be extremely unhappy and frustrated while Klopp and FSG are at the club. If it's the biggest stars on the biggest wages with endless amounts of millions being spent year after year, then Liverpool probably isn't the club for you.
  8. Vardy gets an easy ride from everyone despite being a racist cunt, by the way. Why is nobody chanting "you know what you are" at him? Is it because he's English or do we not care about being racist to Japanese people? Or is it a Midlands thing where racism is OK?
  9. The decision to freeze out Sakho and loan him out is looking pretty shite right now.
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  11. Loved the snub from Washington and Brie Larson to Casey Affleck. For those who don't know, Also, on a side note, follow Eva Bartlett's Twitter timeline to see how terrible it was to award White Helmets.
  12. Henderson's importance cannot be denied, but for a team to be so dependent on a single midfielder (who is nowhere near elite) says a lot about the quality of our side. There is also a serious lack of competition for places. The ones waiting in the wings are either not bothered, average or youngsters. As for our transfer policy, I kinda agree with this Having said that, now watch us smash Arsenal on the weekend.
  13. I wouldn't mind us signing him. In fact he could be quite a handy player for most primer league sides.
  14. ... But still a cunt. Who wants to hear about the last year I had? No ... well tough fucking shit. For those of you who bothered to read my posts prior to my disappearing last year, you'll know I got married. Well that turned to dogshit. The thing about Americans is that so many are on medication that is hardcore to fuck. Long story short, she decided to take herself off her meds cold turkey and basically went nuts. My application for immigration was in the final stages but I called it all off and asked for a divorce in October. Cunt was just totally unreasonable and had fleeced me financially in supporting her and flights. I've moved on, found another girl and quite enjoying life. I thought I'd dip back in and see what's going down ... ... Pretty much fuck all by the looks of it. What have I missed?
  15. Lotte's rice field is really good for getting innjured, so I hope we will play our most basic lineup. Passlack - Merino - Ginter - Schmelzer Burnic - Sahin Pulisic - Kagawa - Mor Sch├╝rrle Small, light, skillful players like Kagawa, Passlack, Sahin and Mor can deal with the bad pitch the best.
  16. Bore off, Balon. You act like you know everything that happened in the past week. Why don't you give any criticism towards Ranieri? Why is it the players are getting stick? You're brainwashed by the parasitic media who create hyperbolic statements and quite frankly, make a whole load of shit up. Surely last night emphasises that Ranieri just wasn't getting through to the players any more and he was more a problem than any one else? Where's your proof that 'players approach the board behind the coach's back?' Compare this to the sheer fact of the owners setting up the meeting to discuss the situation while Ranieri was still in place? If you really feel like the players directly said to the owners 'we want Ranieri out, sack him' then so be it and more fool you. They're not that unprofessional. They may have given their opinions of how it's going or what had happened in the last couple of months but I can assure you the owners were probably thinking about getting rid of Ranieri earlier than just last week. I commend the respect you have for Claudio but he's not totally absolving of blame. I also don't buy all this shit that Sky were spouting last night, especially Carragher, about Leicester should have walked off the pitch with their heads hung in shame. Clearly the players wanted to play a set way (i.e. high-press, high intensity) and Ranieri restricted this. The best thing Shakespeare did last night was to let them play like that and play to their strengths. The attitude was different because maybe the problem [Ranieri] is out of the equation. That sounds harsh on Ranieri, but I'll always have the utmost respect for him for last season.
  17. Liverpool were dire. Got to feel for Ranieri that all of a sudden the players put in that kind of performance the first match he has been gone...we all know what they are capable of last season but this season the player's haven't looked bothered (probably more interested in their new found fame and improved contacts) and it has cost Ranieri his job. Leicester will stay up but moving forward they need to appoint a better manager than Pearson or the current caretaker.
  18. I've bet on round 5. Don't see how Bellew wins, it's a mismatch if Haye is even half of what he was. I've tried to avoid the whole circus build up but saw that clip of Haye at the Liverpool press conference yesterday. Cringeworthy, WWE style stuff.
  19. Liverpool are making a shit tonne of money! From TV revenue and selling our best players. So no, I don't expect them to find anything out of their own pocket, merely just what the club is making. No I don't I expect us to be in for Ronaldo's or Messi's. But the bracket below those and a few others? Why shouldn't we? Instead we carry on buying players who might be good and have done for over 5 years. Plenty of them haven't been good enough. These players aren't on huge wages. If they prove themselves good enough and get big pay rise they don't stick around very long as they're replaced by the next player who may or may not be good. You mention Champions League football. FSG may want that as it opens up further revenue streams but they're not willing to risk anything at all to get there because they know they're doing fine without doing that. They'd be happy with us getting to the group stages once every 5 or 6 years when one or two of the other lot has a below par season.
  20. Leicester will be relegated with or without Ranieri. But where sticking with him and going down would have cemented the greatness of Leicesters story in all of sports history, now it has been cheapened and become a typical story of shortsightedness of lower table clubs, managerial revolving doors and a sad microcosm of what football has become... Ranieri is not innocent in all this by the way. He obviously made some major missteps for things to get to that point. I'm just pissed off because it's a really depressing end to what was a fairy tale story...
  21. I don't see it, unless he really lets himself down. Haye is just naturally bigger and quicker than Bellew, who has shown he can be caught. Bellew's tough but Haye will hit him harder than anyone he's been hit by before. I reckon round 5 stoppage for Haye.
  22. I'd really like it if both could, somehow, retire the other this weekend so we never had to listen to either idiot whittle on the next time they have a fight with someone and turn it into some WWE-like stage show. David Haye's comments about actually wanting to hurt Tony Bellew where sickening, so if pushed, I'd really like media whore Haye to be beat here.
  23. Southern Hemisphere RU isn't far off Rugby League if I'm honest and I could, probably, watch (though I never have) a free-flowing game from the Super Rugby league or whatever it's called these days and find it interesting. Northern Hemisphere RU is, by and large, kick-and-clap, "all pile in", competitive conversion contest dirge and I'd rather papercut my eyeballs than watch that. I'm a big fan of the Italians going to the home of the rest of the world side at 'Twickers' and effectively playing Rugby League. Great scenes there.
  24. For sure! I can't comment on whatever was happening behind closed doors and if it was happening it's pretty sure it had an influence. All we have though are the statements about some of the players approaching the board behind the coach's back and a sudden change in attitude. The coach (Shakespeare) didn't work any magic last night to cause a victory. It's all about the players on results in my opinion and sounds like a coup... Whether that coup was deliberate or psychological due to whatever may have been occurring in the dressing room is by the by because it's the players.
  25. It comes down to the same question that was asked right at the beginning Balon... Why had Ranieri lost the dressing room and the back room staff? What happened to make the players feel like they had to approach the board? you are ridiculing everyone's opinion without knowing the full extent of what actually happened behind closed doors. You can't just expect the owners to carry on as things were because Leicester were going down. Something must have happened for things to go so sour!
  26. Go into hiding? He's doing the usual stuff, he knows this is his big pay day. He'll lose and I'm sure he knows it. This 'rivalry' has probably been the most pathetically manufactured for a while, calling each other 'HelmetHaye' and 'bellendBellew', no wonder Boxing is struggling for new fans these days.
  27. Its to do with the server that the website has been placed with, called iWeb
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