Premier League – club earnings

According to the Daily Mirror, Sunderland is the richest Premier League club, which receives wages that are as much as 4.5 times higher than e.g. Polish Legia Warsaw. The money comes from various sources, but most often from the sale of television rights to broadcast the English league. Thanks to this type of transfers, English clubs can earn huge amounts!

First of all, they share their rights with Sky Sports and BT Sports, with whom they signed a three-year contract, amounting to 5 billion pounds!

No wonder that this league can afford to buy even quite weak players for the sum of several billion. Television rights amount to about 8.5 billion pounds.

Television rights from which the Premier League earns the most revenue are divided into domestic and foreign. The amount of the former depends on many factors, including the position of the particular football club in the league table. If this is the first place – the Premier League raises up to 40 million pounds! It also depends on the amount of games that were played on TV. When it comes to foreign television rights, each club gets the same amount of money, regardless of the place in the table.

Income of clubs, however, depends mostly on their position in the overall table, which is why they fight so often during the games, because many games decide on what remuneration a particular club will receive in a given season. Leading teams earn up to even 150 million pounds, which is undoubtedly a dizzying amount.

Salaries in the English league can increase from year to year. New TV agreements are being prepared, of which the league derives the greatest financial benefits. Clubs, however, spend a lot on players, as well as on financing trainers’ trips or trainings, but they still earn more than expenses, of which the Premier League can only enjoy. For a long time no one will beat them in the number of signed TV contracts and pay amounts.